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Term 6

Welcome back to Term 6!


Welcome back to the final term of Year 5. I hope you have had a wonderful half term break and are refreshed ready for an action-packed term. 


I am really pleased with how the children in Tolerance class have returned to school. They are eager and excited for their learning this term. 


Check out our amazing learning below. 


Big Question: Do all animals change as they develop to old age?


This term, we will be learning how to describe the changes as humans develop to old age. We will be able to draw a timeline to indicate stages in the growth and development of humans and know what a gestation period is and compare that of different animals.


Big Question: Can an eco-friendly product be authentic?


 This term in DT, we will be designers that will create a product that is authentic but also include eco-friendly elements to support the environment. We will need to research fashion designers who have had an impact on society but also think about creating a product that is meaningful to ourselves or our users. We will use research to find out about the users’ preference and needs in a variety of ways to support our design but also look at themes, patterns, needs, wants and fabrics that are currently on trend or needed to create a successful and purposeful product.


Big Question: Where and how do believers express themselves?


This term in RE, we are exploring Creation stories and their similarities and differences. We will understand why God/key figures can be depicted in some religions and some cannot. We will explore a range of religious art forms - such as calligraphy, dance, singing, stained glass and icons.


Big Question: Are stereotypes always negative?

This term in PSHE, we will identify how information online is targeted, explore the different types of media, their role and impact. We will also explore our future opportunities and pathways.


Big Question: How has the legacy of the Greeks impacted the modern world?

This term in History, we will be relating modern day values such as democracy to their roots in an ancient civilisation, exploring the role of the Olympics within this civilisation (also making connections to aspects of our own lives). We will appreciate the spread of the empire through Alexander the Great’s actions (comparing/contrasting this to the Roman empire).


Big Question: Who are you related to?

This term in French, we will be retrieving our knowledge from previous terms of family members and professions. We will use this knowledge to plan and produce our family tree.


Big Question: Is the recorder versatile?

This term in Music, we will be retrieving our knowledge of recorders and the notes BAG from Term 4. We will develop our use of musical elements when performing by developing performance of songs learnt previously. We will be able to play smoothly between notes and confidently with a clear sound.

PE: Cricket

Big Question: How can communication help you succeed?

This term in PE will be Cricket, we will understand and develop throwing accuracy and catching skills. We will develop placement of a ball into space and understand and develop consistency of catching to get opponents out.

PE: Handball

Big Question: Is it quicker to pass the ball or run with the ball?

This term in PE will be Handball, we will develop communication both verbally and physically. We will communicate effectively with our teammates in the middle of play efficiently and create tactics with one another, reacting quickly in order to respond to or make a play. Balance and agility will continue to develop as we start to master the co-ordination needed to move themselves and the ball efficiently.