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Term 4

Guided Reading 


We are all throughly enjoying our current book in Guided Reading. The class are engrossed in what might happen next to the children stranded on the island! We have just reached the part where the stranded children have met the explorer. Lots of questions are being asked as to how the explorer is on the island and what the next adventure might be.

World book day 2022






We have started our computing unit by looking at how cells can be formatted. Children were able to demonstrate how to change cell colours and borders, font size, style, colour and alignment, row height and column width!




This term we have started to learn how to play a recorder.

We have in the first two lessons looked at crotchets, quavers, minims and semibreves. By using this knowledge we have clapped a series of rhythms by clapping the correct amount of beats.

We have learnt how to correctly hold a recorder and also play a short tune by playing note B. 


This term has begun with 5A imagining that they live next door to Paddington! 

We explored how to complain through drama. Firstly, there was a conversation between Mrs Brown and a very unhappy neighbour. Fantastic role play in which the neighbour complained about living next door to a bear! We then changed roles to a journalist and the neighbour. Formal speech was demonstrated, you can not be friendly when complaining!


In Geography last week we got stuck into our new topic, South America.

Our first task was the use our prior knowledge from last term of North America to locate South America in an atlas. We were then able to describe South America's location by using our retrieval skills of oceans, tropics, the equator and hemispheres. 

We then located countries in South America by their grid reference numbers.