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Term 3

Welcome back to Term 3!


Welcome back to Spring Term 3. I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year, and are refreshed ready for an action packed term. 


I am really pleased with how the children in Tolerance class have returned to school. They are eager and excited for their learning this term. 


Check out our amazing learning below. 


Big Question: How can I program output devices?

Working as a Programmer


Big Question: What did Jesus do to save human beings?

We explored artwork depicting the last days of Jesus’ life,​

starting from the Last Supper. We were able to identify the events, matching them up with​ biblical texts, before putting them in the correct order. This is based on Mark’s Gospel (Chapters 14–15).​



Working as a Philosopher

In RE, we explored reasons that Christians give and one of the most significant reason is that Jesus died to save people — to rescue them from their sins and to bring them back to God. They explain this in terms of Jesus’ death being a sacrifice, giving his life for others, for example, by taking the punishment for sin. We investigated different scenarios and acted out thoughts, feelings and actions. We were then able to answer the key questions. 


Big Question: Can the properties of materials be changed?


Within Science, we know that the words used to describe a material are known as its properties and that each material has its own set of properties.​

​These properties make different materials useful for different purposes.​ We explored material properties and their definitions, before completing an investigation to test materials and find out which properties they have. 



Working as a Scientist

We completed an investigation to find out which materials were soluble and which were insoluble. We explored whether the different materials will dissolve in water.​

Then, we recorded our findings and sorted the substances afterwards into the table. 


Big Question: What makes a painting 'impressive'?

Working as Artists

During Art, we have been exploring two artists and comparing them. 

We have explored the works of Banksy and Henri Rousseau and understood how to critically analyse each artist. We created an artist's page for each, exploring the tones and techniques used. 


Big Question: How is your personal identity created?

During PSHE, we have been understanding the good habits we can have to explore sleep. We created a table a table of things that will help us to sleep and things that will hinder our sleep. 

We had a good discussion around this topic. 



Big Question: How important were the docks in Boston's past?

Working as a Historian

We have acted out the first part of the story. Our roles included a Captain, two soldiers, four puritan escapers and William Brewster.

Each of us demonstrated the events of the narrative by acting and using expression to show how a character might have been feeling. 




After exploring the journey of the Puritans early on in the term, we looked at the History of Boston Docks. We created a timeline to show the significant events of the ports. 




Big Question: What connects the USA to the UK?

We began the term by looking at the countries that make up North America and the states that make up the USA. 

We completed a series of challenges to embed our learning further. 




We used a map to locate some of the major cities in the United States. We used our knowledge of four-figure grid references from last term to locate them, before learning how to be more specific in finding a location with six-figure grid references. 





Big Question: How can communication help you to succeed in a routine?

Working as a Gymnast