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Reading for Pleasure

In Reception, the children will be taking part in lots of singing, rhymes and stories, which will support them with their communication and language development. On this page you will see the texts that the children will be focusing on each week and the fantastic learning they have been a part of. There will also be some questions or an activity that you can complete with your child at home. We would love to hear your child's thoughts and responses about what they have read, which can be added to their online Tapestry journal. The children will also begin to learn their Set 1 sounds, which will support them with their reading. Below is a video that shows the sounds they will be learning this year. 

Week 2- The Colour Monster 



The Colour Monster goes to school 



This week the children will be reading the stories `The Colour Monster` and `The Colour Monster goes to School`. These stories will support the children with recognising different emotions and how they can begin to manage these. Below are some questions. Please support your child with making predictions: 


1) Who do you think the Colour Monster is? 

2) How might the Colour Monster be feeling when he goes to school? 

3) How did you feel when you started school for the first time last week? 

Week 3

We're Going on a Bear Hunt


The children are looking at the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen. This is an amazing story about a family who go on an adventure together and meet different obstacles along the way, where they decide how to move on in their journey.

Click on the link below to hear the author of the book retell the story.

Q) Can you retell the story using actions?

Q)Can you go on a walk as a family and retell the journey you went on?


Week 4: Goldilocks and the three bears

We are carrying on with our bear theme and this week the children will be reading the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This is one of the many traditional tales that Reception will be looking at this year. Can you work with your child to describe the character below using some exciting vocabulary. I wonder if you could send your ideas to your class teacher. 


Owl Babies 

 By Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson 


This week the children will be reading the story Owl babies and exploring characters feelings as well as sequencing the story. Can you support your child with researching facts about owls using the internet. Can they find out what they like to eat, how they survive in their habitat and what they look like.  


Term 3





By Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet


This week the children will be reading the story Supertato. Can you support your child with roleplaying the story using fruit, vegetables and utensils (masher and spoons only) from the kitchen. We would love to see any videos of the children's acting and retelling the story. 

This week the children will be reading the story `George and the dragon` in their Literacy lessons. Everyone will continue to develop their vocabulary to describe the dragon and create descriptive sentences using their phonics. Please can you support your child with generating vocabulary. We can't wait to hear all the exciting words! 

Term 4- Round and round we go 


This term the children will be learning about different transport and their purpose. They will continue to explore a range of non-fiction books and understand how these books give information and facts whilst comparing these books to fiction texts. Above you will see some other texts that we will be covering throughout this term if you would like to explore these with your child.