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Term 5


How does the cycle of life differ for all living things?

This term, we will be learning the names of various mammals and identifying different stages in their life cycle. We will compare the life cycles of mammals, amphibians, insects, and birds. Within this term, we will also explore the different plants and their parts and how plants reproduce.


How can drawing become aspirational?

 This term is Art, we will be critically analysing our artist: E.H. Shepard and how he created his work. We will be mastering the techniques of drawing and using a range of materials.


Does your world view make you creative?

This term in RE, we are exploring different world views and how both religious and non-religious people express creativity through a variety of means. We will look at how it shows emotion, knowledge and meaning.


Are stereotypes always negative?

This term in PSHE, we will be exploring how to protect the environment and what compassion for towards others looks like. We will identify how information online is targeted, explore the different types of media, their role and impact.


How has the legacy of the Greeks impacted the modern world?

This term in History, we will be relating modern day values such as democracy to their roots in an ancient civilisation, exploring the role of the Olympics within this civilisation (also making connections to aspects of our own lives). We will appreciate the spread of the empire through Alexander the Great’s actions (comparing/contrasting this to the Roman empire).


Quelle est votre profession?

This term in French, we will be exploring professions. Engaging in conversation; including asking and answering questions. We will be able to confidently talk and write about professions.


What is our desired impact?

This term in Music, we will be retrieving our knowledge of singing in a round from Year 4. We will be able to sing in clear parts and understand the importance of dictation when singing. We will know how to create clear emotion through our voices and know how to follow a conductor in an ensemble performance.

PE: Athletics

How does competing improve your mental health?

This term in PE will be Athletics, we will apply fluency and coordination when running for speed in relay changeovers. We will be able to effectively apply speeds appropriate for the events. By developing power, control and consistency we can create an affective jump. We will end the term by developing our technique and power in javelin and shot put.

What is the goal: teamwork or reaching the destination?

This term in PE will be Orienteering, we will explore tactical planning within a team to overcome increasingly challenging tasks. We will develop navigational skills and map reading in increasingly challenging tasks including map orientation. By exploring a variety of communication methods with increasing success and reflecting on when we were successful at solving challenges; we can then alter our methods in order to improve.