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Term 2

It's good to be you!


Welcome back to the next magical term in your child's learning journey!

This term our topic is called `It's good to be you!` This will allow the children to understand how everyone is special, begin to understand tolerance and explore a range of cultures and celebrations. We are also very excited about this term as we will begin learning the songs for our Christmas Nativity.


In Maths, the children will begin to explore counting and number recognition but also take part in solving problems. The children will now split for phonics daily and consolidate their set 1 sounds and begin to read a selection of words with greater independence. We are looking forward to seeing how all of our children continue to flourish and grow this term. There will also be lots of experiences for Reception to to take part in, this will include our school trip and a range of visitors.

Week 1- Bonfire Night


This week, the children have been learning about Bonfire Night and how it is celebrated by families each year. We have explored the importance of fire safety when watching fireworks. The children enjoyed creating their own bonfires and assembling their own fire engines. At the end of the week, the children had a visit from the local fire fighter team to build upon their knowledge of Bonfire fire night and how emergency services help the community.  In PE, the children have started learning about using their muscles to balance by pretending to be trapeze artists and tightrope walkers.

Week 2 - What Makes You Special?

This week, the children have been exploring what makes them special. We have used our story Elmer the Patchwork Elephant to talk about how we are all unique and how that is an amazing thing! The children have been retelling the story of Elmer using toy animals, creating elephant patterns and designing their own Elmer elephants. 

This week, the children also went on their first school trip to the woods! The children walked around the woods to look for signs of Autumn. They were able to find many leaves of different colours, shapes and sizes.

Week 3 - Anti-Bullying Week

The children have been learning about bullying and why it is important to be kind. We have continued to explore the story of Elmer the Patchwork Elephant to celebrate why being different is something to be celebrated. The children decorated their own Elmer masks and practiced saying kind things to each other. Love Class also had a special visit from Pudsey the bear in preparation for Children in Need. 

Week 4 - Road Safety Week

Week 5 - Nocturnal Animals

As we prepare for the visit from the nocturnal animals later in the week, the children have been learning about the different types and sorting them accordingly. They have been retelling the story of Owl Babies, creating collages of owls, using mark making to make spider webs as well as developing our physical development with cutting spaghetti. To support number, the children have been using the language of one more and one less successfully.



Love Class meeting the animals

Week 6 - One Snowy Night, Christingle and Nativity


The children have been using the book of One Snowy Night to learn recall events from the book and understand which order they were completed. The children enjoyed acting it out and using key vocabulary such as 'miserable and chuckle'






They have learnt about the meaning of the Christingle and created their own with members from the church. It was great to hear them discussing the representation of the light and seasons.







It was wonderful to see the children using their courage to stand up on stage and perform their nativity to parents and carers. They shared about the meaning of Christmas and sang some beautiful songs all with smiles on their faces.


During our Maths, we took out the instruments to count in time. The children were able to listen and count as well set their own counting challenges,







Building a stable for Jesus

Here are some examples of well built stables by the children so that Jesus would be sheltered and safe. The children were excited to work together and were extremely proud of their achievements. 




Bauble design

Using a variety of materials, the children were able to create their own bauble. There was everything from sequins to conkers used.



Christmas List making and writing





Children in the Love class were very busy either cutting out images of what they wanted or wrote down what they would like for Christmas. Lots of fun was had and lots of discussion heard.

Painting pasta for pictures

In preparation for some Christmas pictures, the children have been painting pasta red, green and white. They have had to really use their fine motor skills to get all the fiddly parts painted Well done Love Class!