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Term 3

English - Writing to persuade

During our English lesson, we were looking at how we could advertise a new toothpaste product called Sparkle and Shine. We looked at different vocabulary using our vocabulary zone and them working with a partner we improvised an advert together.

Maths - Multiplying and Dividing

Following on from more work in multiplying, we then started to look at dividing 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers. We began by using manipulative to help us visually see what happens when we need to exchange 1 ten for 10 ones

Science - Why are insulators as important as conductors?


During this lesson the children were looking at how to construct a simple circuit. They were given a number of wires with crocodile clips, battery pack and a light bulb and were tasked with putting the components together to make up a complete circuit so that the bulb would light up.

History - What enabled the Vikings to trade around the world?


This term the children have been learning about Vikings. We were lucky enough to have a parent who kindly lent us one of their Viking drinking vessels for the children to see and understand how the Vikings would be able to drink and carry their drinking vessel around with them. 

Art - Why is colour value important in paintings?

This term the children are looking at painting and understanding the different techniques by Jackson Pollock and Leonardo da Vinci. Here the children are exploring both artists and creating an artist page in their own sketchbooks.

This week the children explored the techniques that the artists Jackson Pollock (drip painting) and Leonardo da Vinci used when creating their pieces of artwork.

RE - How does trying to follow shariah (straight path) create a community?

Music - Why do we have sheet music?

This term the children have been learning further chords to play on the ukuleles, building on their skills they learnt in Year 3.

PE - How does sequence help create flow?

        What will your performance say about you as a player?

PSHE - Why is a healthy lifestyle important?

Computing - How do you create a program on logo?