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Term 4

World Book Day 2024

What a great day we have had! The children looked amazing and we had such a great day celebrating books! We started the day by designing our favourite book covers and favourite book characters. We then spent some time in the library sharing a book together and just enjoyed reading for pleasure. 

Road Safety Talk

Hope Class were very lucky to have a visitor to come in to discuss road safety with us. We discussed safe places to cross the road (which linked to our Road Safety walk last term). We discussed the risks and we mapped out our journey from home to school and what the risks were. 


In English this term, we are starting by looking at instructions. We have been focusing on what instructions need and used our knowledge of brushing teeth to edit and improve a set of instructions. Then Mr Shortland introduced the topic where we are going to be making our own board game. So to get in the mindset of how to play a board game, we researched how to play snakes and ladders and then made the set of instructions to help us remember the rules and how to play the iconic game. 

Explanation texts

In English, we have moved onto Explanation Texts using the book ‘How A Dog Works’ as a stimulus. We applied the text features to How A Cat Works. We originally started in groups planning out our texts before we moved onto working independently. The outcomes were just outstanding!


In RE this term, we are focusing on The Creation Story focusing on the role that Christians have in looking after God’s creations and how they can be seen as servants of God. 

Creation is all around us!

To aid with our first lesson in RE linked to Creation where we discussed The Creation Story, we went outside to find evidence of creation within the school grounds. 


In Science this term, we will be having so much fun learning all about the digestive system and the functions of teeth. We will also retrieve lessons learnt from PSHE and English last term in discussing how to look after our teeth. 

What do different liquids do to our teeth?

This is Mr Shortland’s favourite experiment (or should he say egg-speriment). To aid us in our learning of teeth, we conducted an experiment to see how different liquids can affect our teeth. The shell on an egg is the closest to the enamel on our teeth. We made our predictions and most of the children thought the egg in the coke would change the most. I wonder who will be right?


In Geography this term, we are focusing on Europe and investigating why people would visit Europe. This will run alongside our homework project where children can focus on one European country. 


In PE, we are developing our Orienteering and Gymnastics skills. We are very excited to be developing our map reading skills in Orienteering and in Gymnastics, we are going to focus on rolls, jumps and balances. 


In Orienteering, we started focusing on matching sections of maps using memory rather than having them together. We then moved onto using a map to navigate around cones making sure that the map stayed the same way and that we navigated around carefully using teamwork skills.