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Term 3

Welcome back Year 2! We hope you had a fantastic Christmas break with your families. 


During this term in History, the children will be continuing to focus on significant individuals who have made an impact on society today. We will be learning all about Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton, discussing what happened on their expeditions and how these explorers are perceived today.


In RE we will be building on the children’s knowledge and understanding of Islam and the Quran's teachings, whilst in PE, we will be exploring Dance and Target games.


Our Science learning this term will see the children identifying different materials, understanding their characteristics and looking at how materials can be used in a variety of ways..


In art we will be looking at sculpture, particularly ‘Spring’ by Barbara Hepworth and sculptures by Darrel Wakelam. The children we then have the opportunity to explore different sculptures, with them eventually creating their own sculptures using a media of their choice.


Week 1


Ms Richardson and Mrs Fixture have really enjoyed having our children from Gratitude class back with us for another term exploring some exciting new learning.


In English this week, starting off our Speeches Week, we began by reading a book called Greenpeace by Simon James, a story about a girl who writes to Greenpeace asking for advise on how to look after a whale she has discovered in her pond. Working in small groups the children will be writing speeches all about global warming and how this is affecting the polar bears in the Arctic. 




In History this week we have been learning all about Robert Falcon Scott and how, as an explorer he tried to be the first person to reach and discover the south pole. The children explored some different photos, writing down what they could see and questions they would like to know the answer to.

Week 2


This week has seen the children write, practice and perform their speeches about polar bears. All of the children did a fabulous job.


Speeches Week

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