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Term 3


This term we are looking at Superhero’s and how they can be all around us. Spiderman, Robin, batman and even the local postman. We see superheroes as people that help us. The children will be reading texts such as Supertato, The Jolly Postman and George and the dragon. All of these stories include characters that help in some way! The children will have the chance to explore Chinese New Year, including a visit to a Chinese restaurant to sample some food. We are also going to be writing our own letters and taking a walk to post them at the local post-box. Reception are thinking about numbers to 5 and how they can grow into 6, 7 and 8. We will investigate height and length within our maths learning this term too. Take a look at our fantastic learning so far…



Superheroes in action




Impressive wanted posters were created by the children and then they worked together to hunt for the characters. The adults were amazed by the vocabulary such as 'villain and capture' throughput the independent play.

Reading outside

Whilst outside, the children selected books to look and discuss with the adult. They were keen on books about animals. Lots of questions were asked about the name and what they looked like.



Creating a trap for the character Evil Pea

The children were so excited to create their own trap to catch the character of Evil Pea. They worked to together to lift and connect various equipment before engaging in role play to hunt for him.

Water play

As part of their motor development activities, the children had to use the nets to catch the various sized objects. They were heard engaging in wonderful conversations about vegetables from the story.



Mask Making

The children were busy designing and making their own superhero mask linked to the story. They learnt to make holes to attach the string too. Very imaginative and excellent fine motor control seen.



Mark making with vegetables



Using carrots, the children made patterns or created CVC green words such as sad, dad, cup in amongst the cornflakes. They were able to recognise the sounds and blend the word to me. Well done.

Puppet Show




Great fun was had watching the puppet shows created by the children today. I especially enjoyed the welcome the audience were given and the singing from the characters. I wonder what stories will be next?


To support the children with their gross motor development the children learnt to balance, climb and jump off the apparatus. They were keen to keep moving and explore all the new equipment for the lesson.





Weighing in Maths

It has been wonderful to see and hear the children using the terms 'heavier and lighter' in  and outside of the classroom when using the scales. They have been confident to identify heavy and light objects and explain what happens to the scales.


Mixing Colours

As part of the Expressive Arts curriculum, the children have been learning to mix and create new colours, They were quick to learn that red and yellow made orange, yellow and blue made green and red and blue made purple. I cannot wait to see this in action when painting soon. 



Obstacle Course

The children decided to make an obstacle but use ideas and vocabulary linked to their PE lessons (balance, hurdle, step). It was certainly a challenging course and their skills were put to to the test!


PE - Games 

During PE today, the children worked hard on learning how to throw accurately into a hoop to score points. The children had to travel around the hall and when a signal of stop was given, they they then used an underarm throw. Some real talent for the future seen. 





Chinese New Year

As part of the children's knowledge and understanding of the world linked to Chinese New Year, the children visited a Chinese restaurant and experienced the food, music and festival life. The children were in awe and were enthusiastic when eating.








Balance Bikes

To support the children with their gross motor skills and balance in physical development, they completed a week's course learning how to use the balance bikes. They negotiated many challenges and courses and demonstrated a great understanding of spatial awareness. Very impressive! 




Measuring challenge

The children looked at the clues from the superheroes to work out which shoe prints belonged to who. They used the cubes and counted very carefully and then matched them accordingly. 


Colour sorting 

Using the tweezers, the children were able to pinch and pick up the appropriate coloured objects and place into the cups.

Post box walk

As part of the work linked to The Jolly Postman in Literacy, the children wrote their own letter and then posted it after a short walk in the local environment. It was a great opportunity to spot shapes and numbers in the environment as well as recall road safety