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Term 6


To begin the term, we have been focussing our Mathematical learning on time and the ability to read timetables. This important life-skill is vital for Secondary school and we have made fantastic progress in ensuring everyone is able to tell the analogue time! We have then progressed our learning to understand what is ratio and how to simplify answers to a ratio based question. 


English: St Thomas' Poetry Slam 2022

During our English lessons in the first week of the term, we have had the opportunity to look into one of the greatest poets of all time - William Shakespeare. We have been looking in 6D at Sonnet 18 - which we found to be focusing around the theme of love, life and also beauty. We then developed our own performances of the poem for the school's annual Poetry Slam Competition.


In PSHE in this term we are focusing on money and how to use our knowledge of money to help us with bargains, difficulties and sharing money with others. These lessons gives us the opportunity to see the importance of money, how to save money or how to spend money sensibly. This will develop the children's knowledge for when they transition to secondary school.