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Term 2



This term in Maths we are learning how to use the column method to add and subtract 3 digit numbers! We have consolidated our learning of hundreds, tens and ones and can now accurately write 3 digit numbers. We started exploring what happens when we add the ones, tens and hundreds without the need to exchange. This week we have started to look at what happens when we need to exchange 10 ones into the tens column alongside exchanging 10 tens to the hundred column! 



In English this term we are exploring the visual animation of 'The Croods!' We looked at the breakfast scene where the family worked together to safely collect a precious egg to eat. We have sequenced and explored the storyline and retold the events with fronted adverbials. This week we have been exploring how to use a dictionary and thesaurus to help us correct any misspelt words or up-level any vocabulary. 



In Geography this term we are looking at settlements! We began the unit by exploring the 8 points on a compass and how these are used as directions on a map. We went outside and explored the large compass on the school playground and spent time exploring the different directions



This term we are continuing our unit and exploring different families. This week we have took part in Anti-bullying week! We have completed a selection of different activities to help us recognise and help us understand what to do if ourselves or someone we know is being bullied.





In French this term we are learning how to introduce ourselves in French. We have learnt how to say hello, goodbye, What is your name? and my name is ...

We have been practising these phrases orally and even played a game where we had to reunite with our family by asking for everyone's name! 



In Music, we are preparing for our performance for our Christingle service! We are continuously practising our singing and performances of a selection of songs. Additionally, we are rehearsing the meaning of the Christingle. 



In RE, we have started our new unit learning all about Islam. We began exploring the 5 pillars of Islam and the importance of harmony within the religion. We learnt all about the key belief of '1 God' and how Muslims must follow the straight path to be close to Allah. 



In Science this term we are exploring magnets! We have a brilliant first lesson where we explored the force between 2 magnets and discovered that this force is called attract and repel. We spent time exploring the magnets and seeing what other objects in the classroom were magnetic.

Design and Technology


In DT this term we are exploring mechanisms! We revisited our prior knowledge of different mechanisms from our Y1 learning and began to explore different mechanisms used in moving picture books. We thought about how the mechanisms impacted the design and functionality of the products. 



In PE this term we are learning how to play basketball and we are learning techniques in yoga!