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British Values

`Encouraging each other, overflowing with hope.` 

Here at St Thomas’ CE Primary School, we believe that all children should feel valued and empowered to make a difference and have their own voice. We provide a number of opportunities that will support pupils in their journey throughout school but will also prepare them for adult life. Our Church School ethos holds the British values at the centre of everything we do and we demonstrate the importance of showing respect, tolerance, dignity, sharing and collaboration. 

Collective Worship- Tolerance 


In Collective Worship this week, the children thought about the British Value `Tolerance` and how we could show this value in everything we do. We talked about what it means to be tolerant and the actions that we can use. We used biscuits to help us understand the meaning and a video to show intolerance. In KS1, the children created their own Tolerance Charter and identified tolerant and intolerant behaviour and KS2 answered a big question based around Religious Tolerance. 

Playground Leader Training

This week, members of year 4 were given the opportunity to take part in a playground leadership programme to prepare them for their new responsibility next year. This programme allowed the children to learn new skills that will support them to role model our core values on the playground whilst ensuring all children are happy and safe. They looked at how they could support their peers with games and activities and also help to solve conflicts. 

Christian Aid Week- 300,000 Step Challenge

In honour of Christian Aid Week, the children at St Thomas’ CE Primary Academy have taken part in the 300,000-step challenge, to raise money to support families and communities who are currently living in poverty and battling against the climate crisis every day.  Each member of St Thomas’ has walked three laps of the school field to reach the 300,000-step marker. Members of the school community have all donated to support the cause. These funds will empower and provide support to allow people across the world to build their own dams so they can have a supply of fresh water to aid those who are currently living through drought or relentless storms. Each community will also receive expertise from the Christian Aid Foundation to support the buildings of the dams. On Monday 10th May, the Church School Council launched the event and demonstrated a strong passion and understanding of why it is important to support those in need and encourage others to make a difference.  

Children in Need

This week the children raised money for the charity Children in Need by taking part in a sponsored mile. The children showed resilience and encouraged each other to complete the challenge. We are so proud of all the children and would like to say a big thank you to our school community who helped us raise a fantastic £1086. This really will make a difference to the lives of so many children across the United Kingdom. 

Anti-Bullying Week


Today the children celebrated Anti-Bullying week by wearing odd socks to raise awareness to stop bullying across the United Kingdom. Throughout the week the children took part in activities to learn what to do if they are being bullied or if they see someone else being bullied. Everyone talked about how we can work in 'unity' to stop bullying.


Year 6 Remembrance Service

This week Year Six have delivered a poignant Remembrance Service. We have been so proud of Year Six! Well done for your maturity and respect of sharing your messages of remembrance, peace and hope. As a school community we reflected upon and remembered all those in the armed forces, past and present.

We will remember them.


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