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Term 4

Maths - converting fractions

In Maths this week, we are converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. This morning, we were using a game to help us convert fractions whilst playing four in a row. We really enjoyed how this game helped us understand how to convert. 

PSHE - drugs

In PSHE, we are looking at drugs and how all medicines are drugs but not all drugs are medicines. In this lesson, we are looking at how different types of drugs are used necessarily in every day to day life but how they are being used sensibly and carefully. We enjoyed rich discussions. 


We continued our orienteering learning this week by using a large amount of cones and maps to navigate through many technical routes. We love the challenge and enjoyed it when we reached the end of our routes. We made sure we had to keep the map facing the same way and that it never turns when we turn. 

World Book Day 2023

What a day! We absolutely loved celebrating all things to do with books. We celebrated the day by coming into school in our favourite book costumes, spent time in the library and made our logo designs for an upcoming festival. We loved World Book Day!


DT - looking at light sources

In DT, we are looking at electrical circuits this term in preparation for making our own light. In todays lesson, we analysed and evaluated the lights and whether they were suitable for their purpose and if so, why. We really enjoyed this lesson as we were able to disassemble actual lights. 

Paralympic events - Boston School Sports Partnership

We were very lucky to welcome Mr Haslam from the Boston School Sports Partnership to come and share with us two Paralympic events, Boccia and goalball. We were very interested in learning about the different variation of aids that the athletes could use to help them get the ball close enough to the Jack. We loved having a go at Boccia with two very intense games being played out with technical measuring tools being called upon. Finally, we finished the session with goalball where we had to be blindfolded and be perfectly silent so that we could hear the ball with a bell in it moving around. We loved this experience and went away feeling more knowledgeable in Paralympic sports. 

English - The day of Ahmed’s secret

In English, we are looking at the book ‘The day of Ahmed’s secret’

We spoke about the feelings of Ahmed and his family when he shared his secret that he can write his name. Here, we are role playing the moment Ahmed shared his secret so that we can capture the emotions and feelings to help us in writing our letter. 

Geography - using atlases

This term in Geography, we are studying Europe and the countries that make up Europe. This week in Geography, we were looking at the continent and using atlases to identify where the countries are and identifying them on our map. 

RE - Creation

In RE this term, we are looking at the story of Creation. To begin our learning, we took a walk outside to observe all creations whether they were natural or man’s made and identified their colours using colour swatches. We then drew pictures to represent things that we like about creation. 

Science - Teeth

This term in Science, we are looking at teeth and the digestion as part of our Animals, including Humans unit. Today we were discussing and investigating the different types of teeth we have and their functions. We did this the best way we know….by eating an apple and taking note what teeth we were using for the eating and chewing process. We enjoyed this lesson!


Well-being Wednesday

Every Wednesday, we are going to be taking time out of our day to look after our well-being. Today, we walked around the school grounds looking for signs of Spring and just receiving fresh air in our lungs. 

Orienteering - PE

This term, one of our units of work in PE is Orienteering. We are very excited by this as we will be exploring the school grounds using maps and symbols. In todays lesson, we were playing a game to help us remember sections of the maps and matching them up with the pair they belong to, but we weren’t allowed to move the maps. This developed our team work and communication skills as well as our memory skills. Great work Hope Class!