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Term 4

Term 4


This term the children will be learning about different transport and their purposes. We will be exploring a range of non-fiction texts and recognising how these books share information and facts with the reader. Reception will also be looking at how they can protect the environment and think about the small changes they could make, for example walking to school rather than travelling by car or recycling rubbish. This term the children will also have the opportunity to visit St Thomas' church and learn about the Easter story. More information will be sent out closer to the time. 


Shrove Tuesday

What a start to Term 4! We have been learning about Shrove Tuesday and how it is celebrated across the country and the world. This week the children all had the opportunity to make their own pancakes and taste them with a topping of their choosing. In our Literacy lessons, the children have been reading the story `Mr Wolf's pancakes` and enjoyed creating shopping lists and writing instructions for Mr Wolf using their sounds. 

Balance Bike 


The children in Reception have been very excited about taking part in their Bike Ability using balance bikes. They learnt the different parts of a bike, the importance of wearing a helmet, how to look after our bikes and travelling safely avoiding cones and obstacles. They even played games such as `Scaring the Gruffalo` `Crossing the river` using the gliding technique. 

Tractor Visit 


Reception were very excited today as they had a special visit from a Willoughby Food's tractor. The children learnt about the special jobs tractors have and they were able to make links to their harvest learning from September. All the children had the opportunity to ask questions and sit inside the tractor. 




The children have worked exceptionally well this term continuing their learning during independent learning time. We have had children exploring natural world by looking at floating and sinking, exploring magnetism and finding out how to melt ice quickly. Throughout the term, the children have worked exceptionally hard to work together as a team and listen to ideas and solve problems. 

Spring is here!

Reception have been searching for signs of Spring all Term and have been very excited to see our beautiful daffodils in full bloom. The children have been using paint to create pictures of different flowers and even used forks to create a tulip effect. In our outdoor area, the children have been planting pumpkin seeds, broccoli plants and onions. 

Easter cards

The children have been using pastels to create an Easter scene for their Easter cards. The children used the technique smudging from last term. Well done Joy Class.