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Term 1


We are so excited to welcome you all to Year 3! 

This term we will be learning lots of new and exciting information linking to different subject areas of the curriculum. We will be covering the following: 


We will be exploring the different layers of the Earth and the 3 main types of rocks that are made. 


We will be looking at the sculptor Tony Cragg and studying his extraordinary artwork!


We will be learning all about the Stone, Bronze and Iron age and how life developed.  


We will be listening to a variety of different songs and looking at keyboard instruments. 


We will be looking at the importance of online safety and how to stay safe online. 


In PSHE, we will be looking at relationships and the different types of families.


We will begin our French learning with some key phrases - peux-tu ecouter?


In PE, we will be taking part in fitness lessons with Mr Kirkman and football lessons with Mr Melson.


In RE, we will be exploring Hinduism and the key beliefs of the religion.


Our Learning


English - Bossy Verbs and Role Play

In our first English unit of work, we are writing to inform and using the text 'How To Wash a Woolly Mammoth' as our stimulus. We are working towards writing our own set of instructions. This week, the children have used VIPERS to develop understanding of the text, explored and identified imperative verbs (bossy verbs) and started to bring them alive by using role play! There has been a fantastic buzz around the classroom. 


History: The first human - 'Lucy'

In History, the children went back to three million years ago when the first human lived on the planet. 'Lucy' lived in Africa over three million years ago. We looked at how archaeologists discovered the remains and how they knew she was female. We compared Lucy's appearance and skeleton to a modern day human, highlighting the similarities and differences. A fantastic discussion that could have lasted ALL DAY! Very exciting! 


Library Time! 

The children enjoyed the time exploring the library and being able to spend some time reading for pleasure which we know is very important. Some children read quietly by themselves, some shared a book and read together and some read with Mr Kirkman! 


Maths - Place Value

We have continued to consolidate our previous learning of place value by looking at numbers within 100. We then extended our learning to numbers beyond 100. We began with looking at how hundreds can be represented, this helped us understand how much larger hundreds are compared to tens! Hundreds are ten times larger! We then practised counting in our hundreds before using our knowledge to count large quantities.

PE - Fitness

In PE, we used our bodies to help us learn about fitness! We learnt the 4 areas of fitness - speed, strength, agility and balance.  We then completed different tasks which allowed us to apply our new knowledge. Towards the end of the lesson, we completed some competitive shuttle runs to get our hearts racing!