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Reading for Pleasure

Each day the children will vote for the story they wish to be read during their story time at the end of the day. The children were very excited to listen to the story `The Very Busy Spider` by Eric Carle and could make links to the stories they had read in Reception by the same author.



Below are some questions that the children may enjoy answering: 


1) What happens in The Very Busy Spider? 

2) Why is the spider too busy to talk to his friends? 

3) How does the spider feel once his web has been completed? 

4) Can you remember the animals that tried to talk to the spider? 


Keep up to date with the stories the children have voted for each week by visiting this page! 

Recommended Reads 




As the children are learning about toys in History this term, this is a story Mrs Harris thinks they will enjoy.


Dogger is Dave's beloved toy animal who goes missing but will Dave be able to find him again.  This story is a wonderful classic that is a heart-warming story about an animal but also helps children to understand how to understand loss but also problem solve. 


Books to read at home


If you would like to read texts that link to the children's learning for this term, you can find them below.