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Term 1


Each year, our first computing unit is always focussed on developing our understanding of E-safety. We have received a visit from the safer internet partnership team from Lincolnshire County council where we have learned about sharing images of ourselves among other e-safety tips. 


Within our lessons, we have analysed communication and we have been delving into the world of search engines and the way that our personal information and search history influence the resulting pages we view. Are they all reliable? Are they trustworthy? We need to be e-safety aware to ensure that the knowledge and webpages we engage with online are interacted with appropriately. 

Religious Education (RE) 

Just because we can, does it mean we should? 

Within our lessons, we are drawing upon our knowledge and understanding of different religious beliefs to examine different moral dilemmas.  



Why is art important to humankind? 

In our painting unit, which focusses on the concept of visual culture, we are examining the work of both Turner and Van Gogh and what makes their landscape painting so significant to modern culture.

Physical Education:


Tag rugby: Our Tag rugby unit builds upon our previous skill-building units from previous years and we are working upon developing tactical gameplay. 



How has Scientific understanding changed over time? 

This term we are studying two Science units – first light and then electricity. By making use of our understanding, we will strive to prove different scientific laws! How very exciting! 

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) 

Just because we can, does it mean we should? 

The unit we are studying this term will support us to develop a clear understanding of what a healthy relationship looks like. We will consider what gender identity can mean and how people show love and commitment. 


How does the Earth's crust shape the world?

This term we are honing our 6 figure grid reference skills and understanding the difference between a hill and a mountain. By focussing on the three highest peaks in the UK and different ranges of mountains from around the world, we will seek to answer our big question for Term 1. 


Which element of music is more important? 

Developing our aural recognition of different instruments, we are developing our understanding of what different time signatures sound like so that we are able to listen to and appraise music. By doing this, and listening to different vocal pieces – which range from medieval to modern – we will explore the big question: which element of music is more important? 



Comment vas-tu à l'école? 

Within our French unit, we will be learning vocabulary relating to transport. So that we are able to talk about ourselves, using the past, present and future tense to explain how we will, are or have travelled.  

Here are the key words we are making use of during this unit: