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Term 5


Big Question: How can sculpture unite people?


This term in art, we will be looking at the work of Lorenzo Quinn, an Italian sculptor. We will work as sculptors as we study how form, space, texture, colour, line, shape and pattern can be used to create meaningful sculptures that tell a story and express feelings to a group.

This week in art, we were introduced to thw work of Lorenzo Quinn. We created sketchbook pages about him and his work.


Big Question: Vous voulez partir en vacances?


In French this term, we will be building on our prior knowledge so that we can describe holidays. We will practise how to describe where we would like to go on holiday, as well as any activities we will be taking part in.


Big Question: Why are natural resources important?


In geography this term, we will be working as land ecologists as we investigate natural resources. We will discuss renewable and non-renewable energy sources, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of different energy sources.

Today, we have been creating persuasive posters about the benefits of investing in renewable energy sources.


Big Question: How can singing help us be better recorder musicians?


As we work as musicians this term, we will consider how singing can help us to be better recorder players. We will build on our recorder playing expertise, as we practise playing the recorder and perform in an ensemble.


Athletics: We will be focussing on our control and coordination in our athletics sessions this term.


Tennis: We will be developing our tennis skills this term; focussing on our accuracy and footwork when playing tactically. 

Tennis: We have been developing our tactics in tennis games. We have also spent time making sure we understand how scoring works in a match.

Athletics: This week we have been developing our discus skills.


Big Question: Can a community ever be too diverse?#


This term in PSHE, we will be looking at stereotypes and discrimination, as we ponder the question ‘can a community ever be too diverse?'


Big Question: How do people show that they belong to a community?


For RE this term, we are studying the birth rites of various religions. We will spend time learning about how babies are welcomed into their communities in Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam.


Big Question: Why do different species of animals look different?


This term, we will consider why different species of animals look different as we delve into the work of Charles Darwin. We will study evolution and inheritance, as we develop our understanding of how plants and animals have adapted to suit their environments over time.

This week in science, we have learnt about the work of Charles Darwin, including his visit to the Galapagos Islands.

This week, we have written letters detailing ideas around how we could make a positive impact on the environment, in order to promote wildlife to thrive.