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Term 1

Welcome back to Term 1!


The children have come back to school with fantastic attitudes to learning and have dived right into their learning for this term. 

Check out our amazing learning below. 


This week in Maths we have been consolidating our learning on our place value knowledge. We have looked at numbers from 0-1000 and explored hundreds, tens and ones. We used concrete resources to help partition the numbers into hundreds, tens and ones before moving on to use part part wholes.


In History, we began our new unit on the Stone Age! The children were very enthusiastic to learn all about Lucy. Lucy is a common ancestor that humans share with chimpanzees. We compared the skeleton of Lucy to that of a modern day human and a chimpanzee. We were intrigued to discover so many similarities! We then thought about questions we would like to ask about what life was like during the Stone Age. 


In PE this week we enjoyed going outside in the fresh air whilst the weather is still lovely! We began our unit on Fitness and completed a series of different challenges to push our own fitness. Over the course of the unit we will be competing with our previous scores for these different challenges and working hard to improve them!


We began to read the story 'How to wash a woolly mammoth' in our English lessons. We thoroughly enjoyed the book and we discussed the step by step guide on how to successfully wash a mammoth. We then took part in 'telephone conversations' where we had to describe the instructions to our partner in detail. We had to work hard on our listening skills as we couldn't see our partner's face! 

Guided Reading

In Guided Reading we started reading the fabulous novel - Planet Omar. We spent time echo and choral reading the text before unpicking the unusual vocabulary that had been used. We found chapter 1 rather amusing and discussed what adjectives we could use to describe Omar's personality. 


In French we began to practise key classroom commands and explored where France is on a map! We played the French version of the game 'Simon Says' to help us learn the different classroom commands, including ecoutez and repetez!