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Lego Therapy

What is LEGO therapy?

LEGO®-based therapy is a social development programme for children young with autism spectrum disorders or related social communication difficulties. [It is also known as "LEGO therapy" but that term is disallowed by LEGO trademark laws]. 


Children work together to build brick models and through this have the opportunity to develop social skills such as turn taking, collaboration and social communication.

Building blocks / bricks interventions can be used individually or in groups. The key to this approach is to promote fun, learning together or individual interaction helping the children engage and enjoy it. Building bricks together is great fun, and children develop social skills while enjoying themselves.


These interventions are very much children lead but supported by Miss Ilic (Learning Mentor) and groups are delivered weekly also including an after school club. Interventions will last for 12 weeks and the children are monitored to be able to asses and record their developments. 



Play Box activity booklet