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Term 1

PE - Fitness

We started our Fitness unit in PE this week by exploring different areas of fitness. We discussed how we need to have good balance, agility, strength and speed as these are the fundamental components of fitness. We completed a series of exercises which tested each of these components before we develop our skills this term and then we will revisit the exercises to see if we have improved. 

Art - Drawing

This term in Art, we are looking at the work of Rembrandt and his talent in showcasing movement within his sketches. This is known as gestural drawing where the use of different strokes and thickness of lines suggest that the image within the sketch is moving. We looked at some of his most famous work and try to mirror his techniques before identifying features that we liked about his work. 

History - Anglo-Saxons

We have started our History unit this term by introducing the Anglo-Saxons. We started by looking at the mystery of the missing grave, which is known as Sutton Hoo. This is where a burial site in Suffolk was found in what appeared to be a boat grave. The interesting fact is that historians are not 100% certain who the burial site was for as there were lots of evidence which can point to one King but it has not been confirmed. Hope Class looked at all the evidence that was provided and made our own conclusions. We even had a go at our own mini archaeological dig finding the treasures of Sutton Hoo. 


Class Collective Worship - Leadership Roles

This weeks Class Collective Worship saw all of Hope Class applying for a leadership role. We had to think which role we felt better suited for and then why we would be an excellent steward of God. There were many roles such as Church School Councillor, Subject Experts, Eco Warriors and Playground Leaders! 

Science - States of Matter

This term in Science, we are looking at states of matter, specifically solids, liquids and gas. Our question for this term is ‘What happens to a puddle?’. We started our learning by looking at what a solid and a liquid is and discussing whether they are always easy to be classified. We started classifying some materials into solids and liquids before we were challenged on whether a jelly and shaving cream is a solid or a liquid. This led to some very interesting discussions. We also discussed whether sand was a solid or a liquid as it is made up of tiny rocks which are solids, but the sand can be poured which may suggest it is a liquid. We then discussed gas as the 3rd state of matter. 

RE - The Big Story

This term in RE, we are investigating the question ‘Why do Christians call the day Jesus died Good Friday?’. We started our learning by retrieving the key events of the Holy Week and why Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday were so significant. We then visited the Big Frieze in the hall and looked at the order of events and where Salvation fits in with the order on the frieze. We discussed what other panels represent (creation, the fall, incarnation and gospel). We then enjoyed time just looking and appreciating the frieze and finding little links to key events in the Bible and making our own connections. From this, we made predictions on why churches and Christians May use 3 different crosses within the Holy Week and what they may symbolise. 

Maths - placing numbers on a number line

Todays Math was very practical! We were investigating how we can place numbers on a number line and challenging our friends to identify where numbers would be on a number line by using the information, such as start numbers, end numbers and the number of intervals on the line. Some members of the class decided to represent their challenges through chalk, some decided to use masking tape and some decided whiteboards. The discussion and use of mathematical language was brilliant. Super work everyone!

Music - investigating duration

Today in Music, we discussed what duration means and how long and short notes can happen. We then set to experimenting whether which instruments were good at creating short notes and which instruments were good at making long notes. If an instrument had the ability of making both short and long notes, we then investigated how the best way was to play that instrument and was there a different method to make the different length notes. As you can imagine, it was very noisy, but lots of learning and exciting discussions were had throughout the lesson. 

English - Beowulf

In English this term, we are reading the tale of Beowulf. We have read the attack of Grendel on the great hall of Heorot before creating our own Grendel to use in our wanted poster. We have discussed how we need to be accurate with our descriptions of noun phrases and prepositions with high level vocabulary. 

Maths - representing numbers to 1,000

Our first Maths lesson of Year 4 saw us retrieving how to represent numbers to 1,000. We spoke about how 3-digit numbers are made out of hundreds, tens and ones. We then used resources in the classroom to represent numbers. There were lots of creative ways! Super start to the year, Hope Class!