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Term 3

Week 1 & 2

Speeches Week!

Since returning for Term 3, the first week has consisted of Speeches Week across the school! The children have developed the theme 'Save the Animals' by researching, constructing, preparing, rehearsing and delivering a speech to an audience with the support of a cue card. Year Three have excelled at this challenge and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


See below an example speech...for more of our speeches, please visit the Video Resource Centre section of our website! 


3K Speech 1

Still image for this video


In PE, we have started our topic on tennis. This week our focus was controlling the ball with the racket by making sure our body position was suitable, we had a firm grip on the racket and we watched the ball closely. We also challenged ourselves to see how many times we could bounce the ball on the racket without it falling off! Great to see skills developing!


In Computing this week began to explore the world of coding! Using the program Scratch on the iPads, we learnt how to use code blocks to create commands. By creating a sequence of commands, we were able to move our Sprite around. Then, we added a second Sprite and challenged ourselves to get our Sprite characters to interact with each other. We know that motion means movement so we used the motion blocks to create commands for our Sprite to move. Excellent work! 

Art - Painting

In our Art learning this term, we have started to explore painting. We are learning about colour theory and in particular this week, we have looked closely at texture. We are linking this to artists Charlie Macksey and Paul Cezanne. We have enjoyed creating sketchbook pages on both artists and then looking closer at pieces to see how they use texture differently. We then had a go at painting in the style of them too! Exciting! 


Week 3


In RE this week, we have developed our understanding of Christianity and the Trinity: God

the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We focused on the Holy Spirit this week and how God sends the Holy Spirit to his followers and those that believe. We know that during baptism, water is used to cleanse from any sins and welcome us into God's family. This is an example of when God sends the Holy Spirit to our hearts. We also know that the Holy Spirit is always there to support, guide and protect us during our lives. The children discussed and mind mapped thoughts on how the Holy Spirit has helped us with certain things in the past and how the Holy Spirit is always with us. Great paired work! 


In PSHE this week we continued exploring health and wellbeing by exploring habits. We understand that habits can be good and bad. Also, habits can be maintained, changed or stopped completely. We looked at scenarios to decide whether the habits were positive or negative. For those that were negative, we discussed why they were negative and how they could be adapted to create a positive change in habit. In order to do this, we worked as doctors/nurses to offer advice to each other. We did this by writing on prescription pads like doctors/nurses do and we used role play to act it out. Some children performed excellently to the class! There are definitely some future doctors/nurses in Year 3! 


In Maths, we have continued with our work on multiplication and division. This week we have learnt how to divide with and without an exchange and been introduced to remainders too! We started the process by using practical resources like Base 10 to support with our understanding visually and because of this step, it allowed us to move onto pictorial and abstract examples later in the week. Great work, Year 3! 


Week 4


This week in Geography, we have been continuing our learning around the neighbouring counties of Lincolnshire. We have used the mnemonic 'Every Single Night Lions Roar Calmly Nearby' to remember the seven counties nearby to Lincolnshire. They are East Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk. The children have done an excellent job of remembering them using this simple strategy. Today, we developed this further to look at which of these counties are coastal and which are landlocked. We know coastal means nearby to the see where we would see beaches and cliff tops. Landlocked counties are those that have land all around them. In order to get to the coast from these counties, you have to travel through other counties. The children identified these using a map of the United Kingdom. We discussed what human and physical features we might see in coastal and landlocked areas. Great job! 



In Science we have taken the next step in our learning about light. We know that light travels in straight lines. Humans are unable to see light moving because it travels incredibly fast! We also know that light bounces off objects and into our eyes so we can see them. We investigated this by using mirrors and torches. When shining the light in the mirror, it bounced off the shiny surface and onto another so we could see the reflection. Science in action!