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Term 5

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Visit

What a wonderful day out we had visiting Yorkshire Wildlife Park. After a Rainforest workshop, we then went out into the park to find the animals mentioned, particularly those found in the rainforest habitat.  Here are some of the many photos of our day!


This term we write to entertain through story. We begin by retelling the Roman Myth of Romulus and Remus and then explore the message of stories to write our own.


Our Summer Term learning starts with the addition and subtraction of fractions. This enables us to retrieve our knowledge of fractions of shapes.


Could you survive in a rainforest?

This term we begin to explore the wider world by identifying the features of rainforests and where in the world they can be found.




Animals including Humans

How does our body move and stand up?

Building upon knowledge from PSHE last term, we begin by looking at the importance of healthy diet and our food choices. We then begin to explore the wonder of the human skeleton and how our muscles work. 


Why is drawing from observation important?

Studying the work of John Macallan Swan, we work as Artists to produce drawings. Inspired by his work, we look at drawing big cats in his style.

In this lesson, we explored line, looking at how we could observe and make sketches of animals in the artists style.


Is desktop publishing useful in the real world?

This term we learn how to enter and edit text, apply different fonts, colours and images to our work. We discuss the value of images when communicating and how they are useful.


How can facial expressions change a performance?

Building on our learning from before Christmas, we learn to sing in unison and with actions. Discussing the value of singing and how our facial expressions change the performance, particularly for the audience will be key.

We sang in unison to perform some chants. Using call and response, we performed 'Boom Chicka Boom' before learning a new chant.  When getting to ‘What do you think that ______ did say?’, we took it in turns to respond with the noise the animal makes. The rest of the class then respond with that sound.  We then began to take the lead.

Today we explored singing in unison. We learnt that good posture when singing is vital to create the best sound. We discussed and choose which of the images we were shown was the best singing posture. We know that standing up with feet shoulder width apart, straight backs and arms relaxed by the side is a good singing posture.

Today we learnt a song that combined actions with singing too. We began by focusing on the chorus and then aimed to combine actions when singing. We used Makaton signing as actions whilst  singing.  We watched first, before trying to pick up the signing.


Living in the Wider World

Is everything online true?

Making connections with learning in Computing and our previous learning about online safety we will explore the big question, is everything we see online true? This will give us the chance to explore and question what we see and what to do if we see something that makes us feel unsafe or worried.

We began our leaning about living in the wider world by exploring the reasons for rules and laws.  We began to understand the importance of abiding by the law and what might happen if rules and laws are broken. We read through school rules, laws and commandments to begin to discuss which are important to us and why. We then decided which might be most important for Christians or Muslims and the reasons for our choices.


Quel est votre coleur préféré?

Recalling colours, we will learn how to say, identify and write them in French. 



What kind of world did Jesus want?

Building on our work on the Trinity last term, we look deeper at the Gospels and how the Disciples were called by Jesus. We explore the work of Jesus and what this teaches Christians about the way they should live their lives and the kind of world they should create.


We began by introducing the idea of a ‘Gospel’ — a life-story or biography of the life and teaching of Jesus. We then drew our three favourite possessions before reading about Jesus calling his first disciples. We thought about how following Jesus meant they had to give up a lot. We then reflected on our lists of favourite possessions and how we might feel about giving things up. We then took on the role of Peter or Andrew and decided what they may have thought on hearing Jesus words, we recorded our ideas on speech bubbles and fish.


Does competition always motivate you to succeed?

We begin our Summer Term with a focus on Athletics ready for our sports day later in the term. We will learn how to sprint and apply the skills to relay along with effective jumping and throwing techniques.


Is teamwork or individual performance more important?

Year Three is the first time we encounter the skills needed for Orienteering and we begin by setting a map and finding the controls.


In our first lesson, we looked at how to set a map ready for us to be able to find the controls needed. We modelled how the sports hall might look and where things were in relation to one another before creating a birds eye view map.

Classroom Collective Worship

Revisiting the celebration of Eid for Muslims at the end of Ramadan, we reflected by creating our own images that could be used on Eid cards sent to celebrate this festival.

School Safety Partnership

We welcomed Jan into school from the Lincolnshire School Safety Partnership to talk to us about Online Safety. This was a great retrieval lesson for us as we applied our knowledge of keeping ourselves safe online. We identified well known characters from their online information, exploring how they shared too much online. We then created our own superhero character and wrote on their cape the information we need to keep private and around it the information that could be shared, like our favourite food, animal or sports.