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Reading for Pleasure

Class reading book Term 1

As a class, we have chosen the book George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl to read as the class text for this term. They have enjoyed the beginning of the book and look forward to finding out what is going to happen to Grandma.


Questions relating to the text:

What is your favourite part of the story so far?

What sort of character is George?

Can you predict what will happen to Grandma?

Term 2

Our class enjoy reading a story at the end of the school day and we are really excited to read different stories, including those that the children bring in for us to listen to.

E was excited to share one of her favourite books, Ping the Panda, a story about a baby panda who loves to eat bamboo and sleep. It was a very exciting story, with the children wondering if Ping would be able to find his mm again. E said her favourite part of the story is when Ping finds his mum again at the end.

M brought in one of her favourite books for us to read in class at the end of the day - Don't Call Me Sweet. This story is about a young monster who hates to be referred to as sweet until they are faced with being eaten by an ogre. Thank you for bringing this story in for us.

A special parcel was received from the school's Librarians and Reading Ambassadors for our class - a book 'Something Magic in the Night'. This was a very exciting story and the children in Gratitude class enjoyed listening to it being read. They had lots of thoughts about the story after reading it. "It's about Jesus being born, that's why the animals all gathered." "The girl is dreaming all the way through the story because we see her fast asleep in bed at the end." "It's about the magic of Christmas that we can feel."

We look forward to reading more books from the Librarians and Reading Ambassadors. Thank you!

Santa sent, the children in Gratitude Class, a new class reading book this week - Secrets of a Christmas Elf by Ben Miller. A story about Santa being kidnapped and his daughter Holly, a toy making elf, trying to help save Christmas. Will they be able to find Santa in time to save Christmas and deliver all of the presents to the children in time?

The children are very excited to find out what happens through this story over the next two weeks.

Term 3


This book was chosen from our class book section by M. The children enjoyed listening to the adventure of Scaly Pants who became the first Dragon to be knighted. A fabulous story with exciting and funny parts.