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Term 3

Speeches Week!

Since returning for Term 3, the first week has consisted of Speeches Week across the school! The children have developed the theme 'Save the Animals' by researching, constructing, preparing, rehearsing and delivering a speech to an audience with the support of a cue card. Year Three have excelled at this challenge and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


See below an example speech...for more of our speeches, please visit the Video Resource Centre section of our website!



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Save the animals!


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The choice lies with us!

Week 2


This week we have started several new units of learning across a range of subjects. In Science, we looked at how light is a type of energy and is produced from light sources which emit light. We grouped objects based on whether they are natural light sources or man made. 

In Art, we continued to study Mackesy and Cezanne and explore the colours used by these 2 different artists and what role this has on their paintings. 

We studied the county of Lincolnshire in Geography and unpicked what a county is. We used key words such as administrative and county council, to help us understand the difference between county and country. 

In PE, we began our units of Tennis and Gymnastics! We practised controlling the ball with the rackets in Tennis and stepping into shapes with control in gymnastics. 


Week 3 


This week we focused on 'The baptism of Jesus' in RE and how this links to the trinity. We thought about how Jesus is the son of God and looked at artwork showing the baptism of Jesus. We noticed in the artwork that a dove is seen and how this could be linked to the Holy Spirit.  We looked at the counties within the UK and how these can be classified as coastal or landlocked depending on where the boundary line is. We used an Atlas to explore and find counties and rivers. In PSHE, we looked at healthy and unhealthy food and how to ensure we keep our bodies healthy. We thought about how some habits can have a positive or negative impact on our health. We continued our learning of Light in Science and how light travels in straight lines. We also looked at natural light sources such as the Sun and why it is dangerous.  


Our library visit: