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Term 4



In Science we are continuing with our learning of materials.

We we given the task of designing a lunchbox which keeps the contents cool. 

We investigated which materials would keep our ice cube the best. We worked in groups with different materials and we established through our results which material would be the most suitable thermal insulator for our product.


Conductors and insulators was our next investigation. We created simple circuits to begin with to test that our light bulbs worked. Next, we tested different material to find out if they were conductors or insulators of electricity.

We worked in groups to identify and describe the properties of different materials.


This term in Music we are learning how to play the recorder.

In our first lesson we learnt what the different parts of a recorder are called. We then were able to support each other on how a recorder should be held in order to produce the correct sound. We then practised how to blow correctly. Great Start!


In French this week we were listening and speaking. We learnt simple directions and were able to follow them. 

Left, right and straight ahead!

World Book Day 2023

5A had a fantastic day for World Book Day this year. We took part in a live lesson from the BBC which included Michael Rosen demonstrating how we can twist our favourite stories!

We also had a visit to the library the day before!





Today in RE we explored the thought of God sending a messenger to us now that we are in the 21st century. We worked in groups to explore ideas of what the messenger would say.

Following this, we worked as investigative journalists to ask Joseph and Mary questions. During our press conference was asked them about the events and how they felt about it.



In DT this term we are looking at seasonality and how it affects recipes. 


In lesson today we carried out sensory evaluations of a variety of breads currently available. The ingredients included herbs, spices and fruit. We were able to evaluate texture, appearance, taste and smell. We then collated the information in a table.