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Term 6

Music - The Wind in the Willows


Church Schools’ Festival at Lincoln Cathedral

Art: Sculptures


Last term we began our study of Lorenzo Quinn and his sculptures. We have also looked back to Term 2 and Henry Moore's hand sketches to explore how emotion can be expressed through our hands and gestures. 


Here are our sculptures in action ... 

DT: Cultural and dietary needs… Burgers!

How does market research influence a recipe?

In DT this term, we are learning about the dietary requirements that people have and how this would influence their choice of a patty, bun and the accompaniments that they would select. By making connections about religious dietary rules from RE as well as drawing upon our knowledge of family members and friends, we are exploring alternative options. Furthermore, we will also be building upon our understanding of seasonality and cultural dishes from previous year groups to theme and develop interesting burgers!

Making Patties

Making sauces

Maths: time and timetables

To begin the term, we are focussing our Mathematical learning on time and the ability to read timetables. This important life-skill is vital for Secondary school and we have made fantastic progress in ensuring everyone is able to tell the analogue time!


English: The #StThomasPoetrySlam22

During our English lessons in the first week of the term, we have had the opportunity to look into one of the greatest poets of all time - William Shakespeare. 


We have understood Sonnet 130 - which we found to be quite funny and revealing of what life was like in Elizabethan England - and we have developed our own performances of the poem for the school's annual Poetry Slam Competition.