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Term 5

PSHE: Growing up

Can a community ever be too diverse?

As we look to a time where we will be transitioning to Secondary School, our PSHE learning allows for us to explore how we will find our place within a community. The lessons this term will equip us with toolkits to challenge stereotypes, to challenge prejudice and to stand up against discrimination to protect ourselves and others within the community.




Science: Evolution

Why do species of animals look different?

Inheriting characteristics from our parents can always be a good topic for discussion – who shares whose nose etc. but we will be digging deeper and looking at the fossil record, Mary Anning and the famous Galapagos finches sketched by Darwin.





RE: Life Journey

How do people show that they belong to a community?

For most of us, we share similar aspects of our life journeys such as birth, passing a driving test and getting married. This term, we will look at the first eleven Samskaras in Hinduism, Brit Milah, Bat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah as well as the Aqiqah ceremony to look at how life journeys of different religions compare.



Art: Lorenzo Quinn

How can sculpture unite people? This term we will be embark upon our mission to create a sculpture of our own hands.  We have begun by exploring the shape and understanding how to sketch them first. We will embark upon our mission to create a sculpture of our own by taking inspiration from Lorenzo Quinn’s sculptures of hands.






Music: The recorder Unit 2

How can singing help us to be better musicians?

This term we will develop our understanding of musical notation by beginning to play the recorder with greater fluency. To do this, we shall explore the use of singing to help support us with an understanding of pitch and duration.




Lesson 1 focussed on retrieval of previous notes learnt and the introduction of a crochet and a semi-breve.


French: Holidays

Voulez vous partir en vacances?

So far this year, we have learned about transport, clothes and French culture. This term, we combine our units to talk about holidays (where we would like to go, how we might get there and what we might do there). Today through the use of speaking and listening we rehearsed lots of phrases before playing French Lotto!





PE: Athletics and Tennis

Athletics: Is reaching your aspiration the end of the journey?



The children have been developing their stokes including the forehand and ground strokes. They have been ensuring they are hitting the ball in the centre of the racquet. 


English - Writing Narratives

The children will be learning how to include dialogue within their stories linked to the The Wizard of Oz so that they understand how to advance the action and ensure punctuation is used appropriately. We cannot wait for Y5 to listen to us reading them. 



English - Guided Reading

We continue with the drama of The Hobbit! We carefully use the VIPER skills to infer, retrieve and summarise as we delve into the chapters. 


Maths - Angles

The excitement of learning how to measure an angle, remembering which are acute, obtuse, reflex and  right angles along the way before using the knowledge of adding up to 180˚ and 360˚  to solve problems. They then progressed onto understanding vertically opposite angles as well as those in quadrilaterals as well as triangles. 







Geography - Natural resources and renewable energy

After learning what resources are used for creating energy, the children had a productive conversation about the positives and negatives of them all before writing a letter to the local MP about why Lincolnshire should be more pro-active in making changes. See what you think. 










Maths - reflections

The children have worked hard using the mirrors and positive and negative numbers to reflect the shapes into the y and x axis. Great explanations were heard from all the children. 

Coronation understanding

As part of the learning about the coronation, the children in Year 6 held a debate where they discussed about the continuity of the monarchy. Is a valuable tradition or unfair wealth? 

Deepening Tolerance

As part of our Collective Worships during our Deepening Tolerance Week, the children in year 6 looked at the following:  What initiatives do sport groups have to combat discrimination? They learnt about Jesse Owens and then held a debate about inequality in the world. They linked it to Hitler's 'perfect race'.