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Term 4

English - Until I Met Dudley

After reading the story, the children have used the reading strategy of VIPERS to unpick their understanding of it. They then progressed onto interviewing the characters developing their speaking and listening skills before identifying the features of an explanation text.




Music - exploring the ukulele

The children have enjoyed learning how to hold the instrument and what the difference is between plucking and strumming. The pure joy on their faces was delightful for them all to see. They are looking forward to next week where they will begin their work on notes.



Maths - measuring

To begin the topic, the children have been using rulers to measure accurately. They have focussed on ensuring we start at 0cm or 0mm. The children have begun understanding how mm, cm and m are used and responding to reasoning questions proving who is correct.




PE - Dance

The children have thrown themselves fully into the work of robotic movements required for their Dance lesson. The children recognised the type of movement necessary whilst responding to the music too. Great short performances were observed.






PSHE - recognising all about me

Continuing the concept of 'Health and Well-being', the children shared with each other, their own strengths. It was fantastic learning about hidden talents and interests. The children then created a non-chronological report to display the information. Some impressive ideas were seen.

French - retrieval of numbers

The children recapped their understanding of numbers by chanting, dancing and recognising numbers. They were able to re-write them in a variety of ways in the lead up to learning about birthdays. Tres bien!

Guided Reading - Big Cats

What a fantastic start to the exploring the non-fiction text! It was brilliant to see the level of engagement and factual information learnt. They have all been able to comment on the layout and how this engages and provides a reader with alternative ways of finding out information.

History - the successes for the Roman empire expansion

Using a narrative and a large shield, the children listened to and discussed the reasons for the success of the Roman empire. They learnt that the army had a key role. They understood that it was the way they recreated and set up everything in the same way. This made communication easier and establishing civilisation successful. It was brilliant to hear discussion about the building of roads and theatres, establishing of schools and entertainment. 

Maths - Perimeter 

The children have been busy building upon their adding and subtracting lengths to now calculate the perimeter of shapes. They understand that this is adding up the measurements of all the sides.



History - the role of the army



In History, the children learnt about the role of the army and what they had to do as a soldier. It was evident to see that the children understood the attacking formations the army used were successful when taking control of places. They spoke about how they used a consistent approach at setting everything up. This is why they could establish themselves quickly.

Collective Worship

3M prepared and delivered a wonderful worship reflecting on the work they did last term and forming part of their retrieval. They chose Art, PSHE, Geography and English as a focus. Many parents attended and commented how wonderful it was!




Big Write - Letter of persuasion 

As part of their retrieval in English, the children have been able to recall their emotive language to persuade companies to stop using plastic straws. There are some very convincing arguments. Well done Year 3.







RE - retrieval 

As a way of remembering information, the children have recalled words linked to the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They have also updated their mind maps.



RE - through song

Part of the lesson was to listen carefully to hymns Christmas related and not and then pick out key words and phrases that would help them decide which gospel it could have been linked too. The children understood that John did not mention the birth of Jesus and instead spoke about the light, flesh and word.




English - Edit Stations

To improve the content and quality of the explanation texts, the children moved around the room in pairs visiting the edit stations. They were encouraged to read through, substitute words, check spelling and punctuation and try to vary the use of conjunctions. It was a great success!