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Letter formation

Put some paint into a freezer bag and then make sure it is sealed correctly. Ask your child to practice writing different letters in the paint. This is lots of fun but no mess!



When its lovely and sunny outside, write some numbers or letters on the pavement in chalk and then let your children paint over the top of them using a paintbrush and water.



Tissue paper letters


Draw a letter using a glue stick and then give your child some ripped up tissue paper to make the letter with. 



Flour letters


Sensory trays with flour are terrific ways for children to practice writing their names.



Playdough letters


Let your child practice making letters out of playdough. Creating letters with playdough allows children to feel the alphabet....literally. As they squeeze, roll and bend the playdough to form uppercase and lowercase letters, children don't even realise they are gaining important pre-reading skills.



Letter formation


Outdoor activities are always more fun than indoors, and practicing letters and patterns in the sand hardly seems like work! Have your child use a stick or a finger to draw in the sand.

If you don't have access to outdoor sand, put some sand on a tray instead, for a great indoor sand activity.



Put some gloopy food on a tray or plate, and have your child trace or copy the letter with a finger. You can try any squishy food that your child likes - such as yogurt, custard, angel delight or Jelly instant pudding mix.


Ok, this one is really messy, but loads of fun. Stick your child in a bath or shower cubicle with a handful of shaving cream to smear and write in.