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Term 4

The wonderful Jenny Pearson visited our school and we were treated to a wonderful morning of fun! Taking part in quizzes and challenges set by Jenny, we were able to find out a little about each of her books. Some of us had the opportunity to try and set a new world record in the number of socks we could put on in one minute and I'm sure many of you have tried since at home! We then had the time to ask questions of Jenny and learn more about her inspiration for writing, the themes she chooses for her books and how she creates humour in texts. It's definitely created a buzz in school and we can't wait to read more of her books.

This bookworm finished reading her book in one night!

To continue with our Art specialism of print making, we created a print using two colours to use for our Mothering Sunday Cards. We drew the outlines of ladybirds onto polystyrene tiles and added the first colour. We then added details using relief lines before adding the second colour.

As part of Boston Sports Partnership enrichment activities, Year Four were very lucky to take part in games of Boccia. We were given key information about this inclusive sport and watched how it is played in the paralympic games. Boccia is a sport designed for athletes with high support needs and has no Olympic equivalent. It is a target sport played indoors with soft leather balls.

Here is some of the key information;

  • Athletes throw, kick or use a ramp to propel a ball onto the court with the aim of getting closest to a 'jack' ball, we played this sitting down.


  • It is played indoors on a court similar in size to a badminton court.


The Rules


  • The aim of the game is to get closer to the jack than your opponent

  • The jack ball is white and is thrown first

  • One side has six red balls and the other has six blue balls

  • The balls are leather containing plastic granules so they don't bounce but will still roll

  • The side whose ball is not closest to the jack throws until they get a ball closest or until they run out of balls

  • Once all the balls have been thrown one side receives points for every ball they have closer to the jack than their opponents closest ball


We had a wonderful time learning this sport. We worked hard in our teams and remained silent for most of it, inline with how it is played at the paralympics.

Ask your child about their fun afternoon!

In Car Safety

To further develop our knowledge of Road Safety and our role in that, we were visited by Sam from the Road Safety Partnership. She spoke to us about our role in keeping ourselves safe when travelling in cars and our responsibility of being a good passenger. We were all measured to see if we still required a booster seat or not and identified what we should do to help the driver concentrate on driving.

Online Safety

During classroom worship, we reflected on how we keep ourselves safe online and created our code of conduct for the safe use of mobile phones. After recalling the age rating of different apps and the reasons for this, we created a phone license with rules and expectations.

Snow, snow, snow!

It was great to stop and watch the snow as it began to come down thick and fast! 

Wellbeing Wednesday

For Wellbeing Wednesday this week, we began to appreciate what is great about ourselves and took turns to comment on what is good about our next-door partner. We passed around the glitter stick and each had time to talk and share our thoughts. The responses were really well thought out and demonstrated how much we support and encourage one another to be the best we can be. Many of us mentioned how hard individuals had been working at improving certain skills.

Science- How important are teeth for digestion?

This term in Science we will work as Biologists as we learn about teeth and digestion. We began by learning to name the different types of teeth that we have and their function. By eating an apple, we were able to talk about the different functions of our teeth and discuss what they were doing as we ate. We then provided explanations for the Tooth Fairy to share with her daughter to explain why teeth are different shapes.

RE- How does the creation story inform the lives and actions of Christians?

We began our RE learning for this term by looking at the wonderful creation all around us. We went outside to spend time using our senses to begin with to note all that we could see, hear, smell and feel. Using paint swatches, we looked closely at creation to identify items that matched the exact shades that we had. Listening to the story of creation from the Bible, we then identified the things in creation that we particularly love.

Geography- Why would you visit Europe?

Locating European Countries

Using an atlas, we were able to locate some of the countries of Europe on an empty map. We created our own keys as we worked as cartographers.

This week our focus was on grid references. We learnt how to use four figure grid references through a range of challenges and then located the capital cities of European countries. After using an atlas to name them, we wrote the four figure grid reference for each one using the map provided.


This term our Maths learning is all about fractions. We have identified fractions of shapes and written them as fractions. After identifying improper fractions, we were able to convert these to mixed number fractions too. We have added and subtracted fractions, including mixed numbers where we needed to convert into improper fractions to help us.

DT- Why is the testing of a product important?

This term we apply our knowledge of electrical circuits from Science to create our own lamps. We will use recycled materials to create our lamps that include an electrical circuit and a switch to make them work.

PSHE- Why is a healthy lifestyle important?

This term we continue to explore how we can keep ourselves safe and be responsible for leading a healthy lifestyle. We identify different medications and realise that they are all a type of drug. We will learn how to store and use them safely and the need for an adult to always administer medication to children. 

English- Writing to Inform

This term we write to inform by writing letters, explanations and non-chronological reports. We look forward to sharing our work with you as we focus more on the purpose of our writing.

After reading the story of Ahmed's Secret, we role played the final scene of Ahmed announcing his secret to his family. We were able to hot seat each character and think about what his family thought of his achievement.