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Term 2

Welcome back to Term 2!


Welcome back to Autumn Term 2. I hope you have had a wonderful half term break, and are refreshed ready for an action packed term. 


I am really pleased with how the children in Tolerance class have returned to school. They are eager and excited for their learning this term. 


Check out our amazing learning below. 

Time Zones and Biomes


In Geography this term, we are exploring Time Zones and Biomes. Our big question for this term is: How do Time Zones impact communication?


We began our learning in lesson 1 exploring what a biome is and where they are located on the world map, using atlases and digital mapping to aid our research. 



In Science this term, we are continuing our space learning but from a science perspective, as we work as physicists. Our big question for this term is: In what ways do celestial bodies interact?


We kicked off our learning in lesson one, by investigating whether the Earth was flat? 

We came to the conclusion that it is spherical and we looked at reasons and evidence, as to why people may believe it is flat. 

Magnificent Structures


In our first lesson of DT, we began to research what we knew about structures, what materials they were made of, and the famous structures around the world that we knew. 


As a class, we explored the Iron Bridge in the U.K. We looked at the story behind it and the designer Thomas Farnolls Pritchard, including the process he followed in order to have it made and commissioned.  

DT Prototypes


We have been designing our Bird Hide prototypes in DT this week. The children have applied their knowledge of structures to create a prototype of a functional Bird Hide. 



During PE sessions this term, the children will be completing basketball and yoga lessons. Basketball will help improve balance and coordination whilst working on performing as a team. Yoga is known to enhance focus, concentration, comprehension and memory and is great for posture too. 

Anti-bullying Week


Starting the week by wearing odd socks, we explored what made us unique and how we should treat one another in a kind and respectful manner. We discussed what we should do if we are being bullied or if we witness others being bullied. Using our knowledge of this, we created Anti-bullying posters. 

Road Safety Week


A visit from a lorry and its driver started our road safety week off well! Learning about the view he has from high up in his lorry and how we need to keep ourselves safe when close to them, along with how long it takes for a lorry to stop in different weathers has given us lots of vital information.


We then discussed how we would keep ourselves safe when walking along the pavement and when crossing the road. We went out in groups and practised crossing the road safely. 

Road Safety Week

Planetarium Visit 


We were all very excited this term, when the Planetarium came into school to visit us. We enjoyed learning more about Space and applying the knowledge we had when answering questions. 

We had lots of fun in the planetarium, star gazing.  



This term we have been exploring the concept of performing, in preparation for our Carol Service. 

We have practised singing, whilst taking cues from our conductor, as well as working on our musicality and expression. 

Christingle Service


This term, Year 5 went to St Thomas' Church to lead a Christingle Service to Year 6 and parents/carers. 

The children led a beautiful service explaining where the first Christingle came from and how it was made. They then sang 'This Little Light of Mine', whilst holding the lit Christingle. 

Afterwards, they told the Story of Christmas, and sang carols along the way. 


We are extremely proud of the Children and the service they delivered. 

Well done everyone.