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“If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.” — Martin Luther


Inspiring and encouraging children through rhymes, story-telling, visual literacy, real-life experiences and drama, our intent is to ensure that all children who learn at St Thomas’ reach their potential as authors. Through our ‘Mastery Approach to Writing’, it ensures that our children’s working memory is supported by a well-structured spiral curriculum of vertical and horizontal progression. By mastering speaking and writing – and the tools needed to be an author – pupils are imaginative, well-equipped and passionate about their published pieces as confident individuals who can write for a purpose.



*Reading: The writing sequence begins with reading rich texts that range from the classics to modern best-sellers - to allow children to explore the author’s purpose (and how they achieve it) to create a toolkit. 

*Skills and Vocabulary: The sequence moves forwards to teach skills and to enrich the vocabulary of the learners. 

*Speaking and listening: The opportunity to orally rehearse writing supports language and skill acquisition as it becomes part of the vernacular of each classroom. 

*Planning then Drafting: This stage of writing supports the encouragement of high self-esteem as children learn through doing. Children experiment and make mistakes – which are strongly encouraged! 

*Editing (and for KS2 – Revising) Using CUPS and ARMS, learners work reflectively and collaboratively by making connections to the original text and their skills and speaking and listening to create their best work.

*Publishing or Performing: The sequence then culminates in a well-rehearsed performance or published piece of work. 

*Interleaving and Retrieval: We offer the opportunity for children to master their writing for a purpose when writing in the wider curriculum.


Through the 'Mastery for Writing Curriculum' teachers and pupils assess continuously through the sequence of learning before publishing. Assessment opportunities enable teachers to make informed judgements about the depth of learning and the progress made over time. Children are able to write for a purpose, speak confidently and leave St Thomas' as authors with a wide range of skills in their toolkits.