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Term 1


In science we looked at the parts of a plant and why they were so important. We then created our own plants and labelled the different parts. 



In maths we have been looking at different number lines. We have looked at the start and end points of number lines and worked out the intervals. We have then used this knowledge to identify the missing numbers on the number line.



In computing we looked at what personal information was and the importance of not sharing this information with anyone else other than our trusted adults. We then looked at different scenarios and talked about whether we would share this information or not.




In geography we found out about human and physical features. We sorted photographs into whether they were a human or physical feature. We then talked about the human and physical features that can be found in Boston.



In maths this week we have started our learning on place value. The children used base 10 and tens frames to make different numbers. The children were then able to say how many tens and how many ones were in each number.

Star Behaviour!


The children have settled in well into Year and have been practising their star behaviour. I am so proud of them all!