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Language Ambassadors

At St Thomas', we are lucky enough to have many children who can speak more than one language. Each year, a team of Language Ambassadors are chosen from Year 5 so that when some children need a helping hand there is always a friendly face just around the corner! From welcoming new starters to reading dual-language books with younger children, the Language Ambassadors are a vital part of making every child feel confident, content and part of our school family. 

We are delighted to introduce the Language Ambassador team for 2021/2022. Speaking a total of 5 languages between them, the work they will do will be invaluable! They will be making a difference to the school lives of so many of our children and the staff too as we often couldn't do our jobs without their translating skills!

Why is being a Language Ambassador important to our school vision?


‘Encouraging each other, overflowing with hope.’


J - "I believe it is important because it allows other children to share their worries. It encourages me to learn more Polish too so I can help more."


V - "Encouraging even just one child to understand English better helps our whole school. It allows them to make friends, take part in their lessons and make our school a safe place for them."


E - "Language Ambassadors encourage other children every day. Even if we only teach them one new word a day that will still make a big difference and give them hope to learn even more in the future."


P - "Encouraging others is very important. When I started at St Thomas', I couldn't speak any English. I want to encourage other children to practise speaking as much as possible and tell them that it's okay to make mistakes."

How can we help the children we work with? 


The language ambassador team began to think of ways they could help the children they work with. 


V - 'It would be nice for them to learn a little English but it's more important that they feel safe and comfortable'.


We all agreed that their main role was as a friend and someone who the children could talk to if anything was worrying them or there was something they'd like their teacher to know.


The team then came up with lots of ideas on how we could encourage the younger children to start speaking in English, drawing on their own experiences of learning languages. They’re really excited to start using some of these ideas on their daily visits to the children in Reception and Year 1. 

Language Ambassadors In Action


The Language Ambassador team are enjoying seeing the children from Reception and Year 1 every day. They always start by asking the children how they are, if anything is worrying them or if there is anything they'd like their teacher to know.


They are particularly enjoying being out on the playground with them, encouraging them to join in games involving numbers and practise their English speaking with flashcards.

The Language Ambassadors and Church School Council took part in a 'Prayers for Peace' service with Reverend Jane. We invited parents to join us in reflection and prayed for peace for all those in need around the world. The Language Ambassadors wrote up prayers into the other languages they speak so that all of our school community could come together in prayer. Some of the children even featured on Calendar News sharing their thoughts and prayers.