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Reading for Pleasure

Sharing Reading with Parents

Parents, grandparents and carers joined us for our first Year 4 Reading for Pleasure event this term. We played some spelling games, listened to stories read and chose our own books to enjoy too.

The Secret Viking Adventure

What do you think a secret Viking adventure might entail?

This term we begin by sharing in the reading of The Secret Viking Adventure by Ally Kennen. 

Carla's Grandad sadly passes away, but he's been making a boat in his shed. Grandpa has written her a secret letter about his plans and so Carla is determined to make his dream come true and give him a real Viking funeral. 

This book makes a link to our learning this term about Anglo Saxons and Vikings next term, the way they travelled and their religious beliefs.


Can you find out more about their religious beliefs?

Can you find similarities in the beliefs of Anglo Saxons and Vikings?

How do you think these ideas might influence the dream of Carla's Grandad?