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Term Two

Maths - Equal groups

The children have recapped about their understanding about what equal groups are, look like and how they are made. Through the use of counters to move practically and pictorial representations, the children have displayed a good understanding.

Visual Literacy

To begin our unit, the children watched the breakfast scene. They mind mapped adjectives to describe the characters, setting and animals in pairs. They were able to select appropriate vocabulary.




PSHE - recognising bullying

After listening to a story, the children were able discuss and identify how someone being bullied may feel. As a class, the children generated ideas that we shared. They even thought about why someone might not tell an adult what is happening. Some great information shared.

Trip to Flag Fen

What a wonderful way to embed our knowledge and understanding of the Stone Age period by visiting Flag Fen in Peterborough. The children were able to shown an interactive timeline where they were able to understand how long after the dinosaurs, this period of history came ( something that is hard to grasp), observe in detail hidden treasures from the past, comment on and discuss real artefacts, listen to a story in the a round house before making a replica clay pot. 


The number of questions the children responded to was impressive as was their understanding of what life was like in the past.






Music - singing

In preparation for a performance at the church, the children listened to two songs and identified what the tempo and pitch was like. They quickly were able to identify if parts of the song were high or low or fast and slow. They have understood how they must project their voices when singing.



Bouncing into basketball

As part of the PE this term, the children learnt how to bounce the ball ready to move and dribble with it. They had to learn where to place their hands and understand how much force was needed.


RE - Islam

Thinking about harmony and one God, the children began learning about Islam. They were able to recognise that working together created harmony and that worshiping on your own was like believing in one god. The children recalled learning from Year 1 that Muslims worshipped in a mosque.

PSHE - bullying online and offline

The children watched a video from the National Online Safety website. The children learnt that bullying can happen online and offline. They were able to read and discuss statements to decide where they fitted on the venn diagram. The children were able to confidently explain what they would do if a horrible message came through to them.



Equal groups - arrays

To support the children learning about multiplication, the children have been exploring arrays as a way of recognising equal groups. They were quick to grasp how to record the multiplication statement also.



French - Je m'appelle...

Through the use of images and puppets, the children have been able to respond to a question and then say their name. It was brilliant to see and listen to throughout the session especially as some had to be brave and take a risk.


History - Trade in the Bronze Age

After exploring a Bronze Age map, the children learnt about why people travelled and how trade became significant. They understood that people could swap and begin to bargain for items, whilst others began settling and building their own community. The children learnt that trade began by foot, by animal and then by boat.

Geography - settlements

The children enjoyed learning about the four types of settlements and thinking of what they would look like and have within them. Great discussions were had about them especially how modern day ones would look also. 

Anti-Bullying Week

Acting helped the children understand how others may have felt if they were being bullied online or face to face. They were able to show the reactions through gesture and facial expressions as well as using words too.





Maths - Sharing into equal groups



Using equipment, grouping pictorially and counting, the children have been able to show how to share into equal groups. Lots of modelling and discussions were had.

English - The Croods

Following the English sequence, the children have been able to use video clips as part of their visual literacy to answer VIPER questions where they've shown their inference skills, as well as drafting parts of their own story, editing and publishing elements. Wow look how hard they have worked through out Learning Wall.

Music - Singing

Using retrieval of last term, the children have been able to identify the pitch, tempo and dynamics of the songs we have been learning to sing. The children are confident in discussing these with one another. They have also been learning songs in preparation for the Carol Concert and learning when to sing higher and lower.

RE - Muslim path

To understand the religion of Islam, the children were comparing straight paths that Muslims lik and pathways that have obstacles in. They experienced both pathways and discussed how the straight one demonstrated more harmony.


Road Safety Week

To highlight the importance and help the children to understand road safety, the children learnt to identify the hazards of the road, provide top tips for others and then create a video to support the local and school community. 

Calendar Art

After understanding the technique of artist and illustrator Charlie Mackasey, the children used water colours to create their own seasonal tree in preparation for their calendar. They were quick to spot that their technique needed to be relaxed and not precise.





PE - tracking as a defender

Having built up a selection of skills over the last few weeks, the children have been able to apply these into 2V1 situations. The children learnt that to track they had to keep on their toes and follow the attacker. The movement was excellent to see but also the attackers were able to decide which of the chest pass or bounce pass to use.





Computing - Email

After recalling information about how to keep safe when working with emails, the children were able to look at and learn the new vocabulary linked to emails. They then learnt how to send one by adding in an address, understanding that they must have '@_____.co.uk or com'.



Anti-bullying week

The children were able to use drama to role play and demonstrate how others would feel if they were being bullied. They were able to explore the emotions but also the strategies that would be needed to use if they felt it was happening to them at any point.






Maths - dividing into equal groups





Once the children had mastered dividing with practical equipment, they moved onto grouping in arrays before exploring the use of the number lines and bar models. They have shown how they can use their knowledge of counting in 3s or recall of multiplication statements.

Guided Reading

The children are thoroughly enjoying their whole class text of Billy and the Minpins and are always eager to read the next chapter. They are able to use their VIPER skills to help answer comprehension questions whilst following our reading sequence.