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Mental Health Week

This week we have been highlighting the importance of Children's Mental Health with this years theme being 'Express Yourself'. 

We have had an incredible week full of colour, creativity, mindfulness, deep thought and reflection, the attitudes the children have shown both at home and in school has been incredible to this very important area.


We have had an explosion of positive thought, colour and creative dance both at home and in the classroom during our whole class booking this morning in Reception.



Year 1 are looking wonderful, expressing their characters and personalities in their clothes.



Year 2 are proudly showing off their outfits today.



In Year 3 they have used the 'Today I feel...' character chart to express their emotions, they then tried to recreate the emotion whilst standing next to the chart. They also played a game of 'Who am I?' They used traditional tale characters, which they have been learning and animals too!

Year 3 have been looking at their own personal successes today and filling in their trophies. They have discussed what they are good at to give themselves the recognition and know how amazing they are and take the opportunity to be proud of themselves. 


In Reception today they have been starting the dance off with 'Cant Stop the Feeling' by Justin Timberlake, with added balloons to dance with.



Reception then added another element to their paperchain focusing on the colours which remind them of certain feelings using paint to make these bold and bright, they also discussed the different ways that they can show their own creativity.



In Year 1 today they have been dancing to a range of their favourite songs. The dancing set a really happy atmosphere in the room.



Year 1 also took part in the squiggle game, it opened their imaginations and created pictures of all sorts including fish and cakes.



In Year 2 the children have been expressing themselves through dance also, the children have been talking about their different qualities and creating posters to celebrate their star qualities.



In Year 3 they have continued in their love of dance with a few added props.



Year 3 completed the Collective Worship task of drawing themselves and the things which they are proud of inside a trophy template. They came up with some incredible ideas. The children have also completed 'Draw Our Feelings' task, they drew the outline of their body and then through colour, symbols and words they expressed their different emotions. One child made their legs colourful because they look forward to the dance off each day



In Year 4 they have been enjoying a dance every morning and then a session of yoga in the afternoon.



In Year 5 the children have been looking at the resilience boat, they thought about their worries and then who could help them be resilient, they have also created some beautiful quotes from Collective Worship.



Today Year 6 created positive affirmations and explored using object in their artwork.


In Reception they have done the first part of a Paperchain challenge, they are designing different links of paper based on the individual personalities. 


In Year 2 the children in school and at home have been busy dancing also, and thinking about what makes them happy and unique, this led to them drawing ten things that makes them happy which they can go to if they're ever feeling anxious or worried. Some of the children at home were kind to themselves and rewarded their hard work which they have been putting in by creating pizzas!


In Year 3 the children have been using their artistic skills through mindfulness techniques. Some of the children even added messages of inspiration like the one below 'Always shine and be yourself'.

See the link below to find out how to do this yourself.

Also dance offs have been breaking out throughout school- 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams seemed to be the dance of choice today! Its incredible the impact music and dance can have on your mood. 

In Year 5 the children have been taking part in an activity called Body scan, they had meditation where the body scans through different emotions and physical sensations that different emotions can cause.

At the end of every day they are adding something inside a heart which are reasons why its great to be us.

Here is Year 6 demonstrating their dance moves along with their mindfulness techniques.