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St Thomas' CE Primary Academy

Term 3

Welcome to our Spring Term of learning.

We can't wait to share with you what we get up to!


Speeches Week

We begin our Spring Term with a focus on oracy. We will explore the role of zoos in the world and deliver factual and persuasive speeches about how relevant they are for us today.


Why do shadows change during the day?

This term we work as physicists to explore light and how we see things along with how light reflects and the formation of shadows. 


What is the Trinity?

Exploring the concept of God, we investigate the core Christian belief of the Holy Trinity and how it is a very important part of Baptism. 


How is our county unique?

Working as Geographers, we explore the concepts of place and landscape to identify what is unique about the county we live in. Understanding what a county is and how it is identified on maps, we will use the Atlas to locate features of our county and those that neighbour us. Locating rivers, major cities along with human and physical features, we will talk about the different location of counties and if they are land locked or coastal.


Do the order of instructions and sequences matter?

This term we explore coding by using scratch. Understanding the importance of instructions and the sequence they are put in will be vital for our learning this term.


Can your personal strengths and differences change over time?

This term we explore the concepts of Health and Wellbeing as we begin to discuss what we know about keeping ourselves healthy. We will identify the different ways we can be responsible for our own health and wellbeing so we can flourish.


How are paintings different?

This term we work as painters to explore the work of Cezanne and Charlie Mackesy. We will look at the difference in style and colour theory as we use different paints to create our own pieces of work.