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Term 3

Welcome back!

We have an amazing term planned for Year Five! 


Our learning this term will be focussed around Boston and our local area. We will be looking at how Boston's docks played a pivotal role in Boston's history and how it is today.


In Geography we will be exploring North America and practicing our map reading skills. 


Have you heard of Banksy or Rousseau? We will be researching and creating our own Banksy and Rousseau inspired pieces.


Homework this term will be a project based on South America. South America will be our topic in term 5 and would ask for children to research in preparation of this. This project can be of your own design about whichever aspect of South America that you are interested in. This may be a power point show (can be sent to our class email address), a shoebox montage, drawings or even a game. 


Our class assembly will be held on the 25th January and we would love you to join us!


In Geography we have been identifying states in North America and using an 8-point compass to locate the different states.



We have been using atlases to location major cities in North America. We have used the index and grid references to locate cities.


During our lesson we introduced our new topic of, 'How important were the docks to Boston's past?. 

We worked in groups to act out the journey made my the puritans. 


Today we we looked into the push and pull factors that the puritans would of felt as they made the life changing decision to leave England. 


5A have shown great passion in their persuasive speeches during speech week. To begin the week we watched Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunburg delivering passionate speeches about deforestation. We have worked hard to pick apart those speeches and highlight the key features that we needed to write our own speeches.

Every member 5A delivered their speech in front of the class. 


Speech Week

Still image for this video

Speech Week

Still image for this video

Speech Week

Still image for this video

English has been focussing on persuasive adverts. In this lesson we used a script to model. 


Practical lesson to kick start our multiplication unit. 


We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful library. The children were sharing books and enjoying the discussions with their friends surrounding reading. 


In Art this term we are looking at the work of Banksy and Rousseau.



We have had a practical lesson this week. We were investigating soluable and insoluable. We also discussed what made it a fair test.