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Term 5


We have been learning about the different type of angles, how to estimate angles and also to measure angles using a protractor. 



We read the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.

While we were reading the myth we used drama to act out each part.


We created scenes from rubbish which would have been thrown away to demonstrate how pollution effects our world. In our pairs we then gave a speech of why we had chosen that scene for our poster and talked out how rubbish, for example in our oceans, is affecting our marine life.

Archie Archbishop

We practised how to be a great leader by guiding our partner (who was blindfolded) through the cones. This gave us the opportunity to hone in our skills of being assertive but gentle.


Art is really exciting this term as we are exploring E H Shepard.

In this lesson we discussed and had a go at the scribbly pen technique which was used by E H Shepard.

The King's Coronation celebration 

Guided Reading

In Guided Reading this term we are reading The Explorer.

We worked in our groups to create freeze frames for the end part of chapter one.

This is where the pilot has slumped over and the children in the plane are terrified.


What is a formula?

This term we are exploring how we can use excel. In lesson we collected data and then input it into an excel worksheet. We discussed rows, columns and cells.