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Term 6

Skellig - Guided Reading

This term, we are reading the story of Skellig! The children are hooked and already desperate to find out more about the characters! They continue to use the strategy of VIPERS to help them infer, predict and unwrap vocabulary.




To support our pupils with spelling, the children learn spellings from Read, Write Inc. The children certainly are active and engaged throughout the whole process and sequencing!

Wellbeing Wednesdays

This week, we explored the outdoors! We smelt the herbs, plants and fresh air before some quiet reflection time together. 


RE - Hindu Life





The children discussed and learnt lots of knowledge about Hindu weddings and funerals. They then showcased this information. We all found the death rite fascinating and the ceremonial procedures interesting. They were able to compare these to Christians.

Cycling trip to Rutland

As part of the Sports Premium funding and our Happy and Healthy driver, Year 6 visited Rutland and enjoyed a cycling experience. All the children rode on a bike and took in the breath taking views and scenery as well as learning to negotiate the sheep that crossed their path.





DT: Cultural and dietary needs… Burgers!

How does market research influence a recipe?

In DT this term, we are learning about the dietary requirements that people have and how this would influence their choice of a patty, bun and the accompaniments that they would select.

By making connections about religious dietary rules from RE as well as drawing upon ourknowledge of family members and friends, we are exploring alternative options. Furthermore, we will also be building upon our understanding of seasonality and cultural dishes from previous year groups to theme and develop interesting burgers!







PSHE: Living in the wider world (Money)

As the children continue their work on money, they explored how companies advertise and try to persuade the consumer to purchase their brands. The children compared scenarios and made decisions about which they would buy.





History: Early Islamic Civilisation




Science: Light

In today's lesson, the children learnt that the closer the light source to an object, the larger the shadow and the further the light source is from an object the smaller the shadow. 



RE: Life Journey

How do people show that they belong to a community?

Building upon the learning of rites of passage for birth and initiation last term, we will be looking at the rites of passage for marriage and death for Christians, Hindus, Jews and Muslims. Our understanding of the different people’s beliefs -who live in our community- is an important part of each of us becoming religiously literate 21st century citizens. To start the unit the children have written a balanced argument as to whether marriage is a good thing or not.







Art: Lorenzo Quinn

How can sculpture unite people?

This term we will be embark upon our mission to create a sculpture of our own by taking inspiration from Lorenzo Quinn’s sculptures of hands.


Music: Peter Pan

How can singing help us to be better musicians?

Our final term of Music at St Thomas will see us combine our learning from our time at school to put together a full performance for our school community. This requires the children to use their knowledge of reading music, to work out what the pitch of the music will be for example as well as learning and reciting the lyrics of Peter Pan.


French: Holidays

Voulez vous partir en vacances?

Our final unit in French this year draws together the learning from Year 6 to enable us to master the vocabulary we have acquired. By talking about transport, clothes, French History and holidays, we will be creating our very own project!


PE: Rounders and Tennis

Rounders: The children have been linking back to previous fielding techniques to apply in set practices or during games. They learnt that watching the ball and moving to be under it can be very useful.