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Term 4


This term we are writing to inform. Using different texts to inspire us, we will create instructions and non-chronological reports. We look forward to sharing them with you.


We continue our Maths learning measuring and calculating perimeter. We will then move on to learning about fractions.


Do all plants need exactly the same?

This term we work as Biologists as we build on our learning from Key Stage 1 about plants. 


Were the Romans civilised?

Working as Historians, we will learn about the Roman Empire and what led to their success. This will enable us to answer the big question, looking at how the Romans were civilised. 


What is the Trinity?

This term we continue to explore the Trinity and Incarnation through our study of the Bible and what the Gospels tell us.


How can the ukulele make different sounds?

This will be our first opportunity to learn more about the ukulele, playing it in different ways and building on our knowledge of playing ocarinas in Key Stage 1.

Design Technology

How is innovation important when designing a new product?

Working as Innovators, we will be designing and making aprons. This will enable us to further our knowledge of sewing and the use of different stitches and their purpose.


Can your personal strengths and differences change over time?

This term we continue to answer this big question as we build our knowledge further about keeping ourselves healthy through adopting healthy lifestyle choices.


Quel est la date du ton anniversaire?

Continuing to learn French, we will explore numbers and months as we are able to share our birthday with others in French.


This term our class text will be a non-fiction book all about Big Cats. This book will allow us to identify the different features of non-fiction texts as well as build our knowledge ready to apply our learning to writing our own non-chronological reports.