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St Thomas' CE Primary Academy


'One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.' 


Frank Smith


At St Thomas’ CE Primary Academy, we take pride in the fact we have many multilingual pupils at our school and find comfort in being able to offer children the opportunity to learn an additional language. Through our carefully thought about concepts, we believe that children can develop a curiosity through learning about different cultures, gaining understanding of an additional language and having the ability to speak and write a foreign language easily and accurately. We progressively develop the skills of learning a new language through listening, speaking and exploring the French language and culture.




Curiosity is encouraged so that children will develop a strong desire to learn and know about the French language, culture and be able to understand spoken and written French with the aim to develop fluency.


Our learning sequence begins with listening to new language with it being spoken before the children see the written form of the word.  Through games, interactions, drama and listening, children develop their oral abilities before they embark upon being able to read and write French.


During our annual French day, children are able to identify what it is like to be French, be part of French culture and why their language is dominant across the world.


Fundamental Knowledge and Skills within the EYFS

At St Thomas’ CE Primary Academy, the Early Years Foundation Stage begins to expose children to foreign languages through their exploration of other countries, cultures and communities, discovering how they are different and similar. Due to our multicultural school community, children appreciate the range of languages spoken at our school and are keen to learn this through each other and their curiosity of their surroundings. In Key Stage 2, French is part of the curriculum for children to develop fluency, understanding, culture and curiosity. EYFS and KS1 prepares children for the study of a new language by the use of commands, chants, greetings and songs that are exposed to them in their early school life to enable knowledge to be built upon when they enter KS2.


Key Stage One Concepts:


A strong desire to know or learn something.


Key Stage Two Concepts:


To understand what is like be part of French Culture.


A strong desire to know or learn something.


To comprehend new vocabulary and phrases including.


To be able to speak and write a foreign language easily and accurately.




With committed subject leaders and staff members, we will continuously monitor the impact and success of the teaching of French in our school. As a school, our aim is to ‘make it stick’ across the curriculum; we are eager to ensure all children gain knowledge and understanding of French to enable them to use the language confidently and proudly. Language is at the heart of what we do here at St Thomas’ and we are proud to offer the exposure of French to pupils at our school.