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Term 4

Term 4- Round and round we go

This term the children will be learning about different transport and their purposes. We will be exploring a range of non-fiction texts and recognising how these books share information and facts with the reader. Reception will also be looking at how they can protect the environment and think about the small changes they could make, for example walking to school rather than travelling by car or recycling rubbish. This term the children will also have the opportunity to visit St Thomas' church and learn about the Easter story. More information will be sent out closer to the time. 

The children have been on a magical train journey this week, we have been through tunnels, over land, next to water and seen many things on our journey into their imagination. We have explored the story 'The Train ride' the children loved that when reading the story the story could be read as if it was moving across tracks! We created our own imaginary train, the children decided where they were going and what they may see, they even waved to their friends as they left the station.

In Maths we have moved onto building numbers 9 and 10, we have been looking at how the numbers can be made from the other numbers which we have already learnt and the children are using the words more and less with confidence- Great work Class Love!

The children have enjoyed exploring the different modes of transport and loved sorting them into land, water and air. They noticed that some vehicles and types of transport use multiple e.g a plane lands on a runway on the land, flies in the air and sometimes they can land on water. The children wanted to create their own vehicles, they all had different ideas and required different equipment to make their vehicles, some of the children drew what they wanted to make and asked for specific items. Great creativity!

In PE we have begun ball skills, they children have had to control a ball by rolling it backwards and forwards, they then experimented with force and stopping a ball. The children worked with  a partner to challenge themselves to roll a ball through their partners legs and through cones, they then closed the cones narrowing the gap for the ball to roll through. 

The children in Reception have been very excited about taking part in their Bike Ability using balance bikes. They learnt the different parts of a bike, the importance of wearing a helmet, how to look after our bikes and travelling safely avoiding cones and obstacles. They even played games such as `Scaring the Gruffalo` `Crossing the river` using the gliding technique.