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Term 6

Welcome back to Term 6!

Pilgrimage for Hindus

In RE we researched Pilgrimage for Hindus- Kumbh Mela. We were fascinated by the information and after making notes, formulated questions to ask a friend. We then played a quick board game asking one another the questions.

What a wonderful visit to Walsingham! Courage Class were Pilgrims for the day as they embarked on a long journey to Walsingham. After learning about what a Pilgrim would take with them, we had a walk around the Abbey, the original site of the Holy House. We learnt about Lady Richeldis whom Mary spoke to, asking her to build her home where the Angel appeared to her announcing the birth of Jesus. Reflection time in the chapel followed, where we were each able to light a candle.

“This journey made me realise how lucky I am to be at this school I really enjoyed going to Walsingham! There was a giant arch called ‘The Lonely Arch’ because King Henry the Eighth demolished the rest of the arches and abbey. The abbey was double the size of the arch, that is so big! When we went to the wells, people saw little frogs in the well. We got to light candles in the Holy House. The trip was just amazing. I love being a Christian.” BP


“I learnt a lot about Lady Richeldis seeing the vision of Mary and how she built the house. It was very fascinating how big the arch was especially thinking how the abbey was twice the size. I loved the wells, it was brilliant how the water heals people but my favourite part was that we got to light a candle and say our own prayer.” IG


“I like how holy and calming it was just to be there in the abbey with God, Jesus and Mary. I could also see it was a very quiet place so people can come and pray to Mary and release their worries about anything.” FC

Taste Testing

Using our senses, we explored the different healthy snack bars on the market. We thought about their touch, taste, smell and sight and how they may appeal to the consumer. 

Poetry Winners!

We were very proud to discover that the finalists from Courage Class were the overall winners of 2022 Poetry Slam in school, well done to them all!

What an amazing experience! Year Four had a wonderful day at Lincoln YMCA where we were able to demonstrate all of the school core values. Resilience was amazing, as we tackled new activities, parkour and climbing wall. First, we learnt how to land and roll safely so we didn't hurt ourselves. We loved challenging ourselves to reach the different heights of apparatus and then timed ourselves around the whole course. When tackling the climbing wall, we looked carefully at where our feet and hands could go, planning our route. We all seemed to be soon at the top!

After learning 

We worked in teams to take part in STEM challenges too, using K-nex to create models. First, we each had a role, observing, communicating and building to recreate the model we were shown. Then, we were challenged to work together to build a model that could have a nerf bullet fired through it. 

In DT we began to explore healthy snacks available on the market. We worked in groups to explore their ingredients and the packaging they come in.  We thought about how each one fulfilled part of the Eatwell Plate for a balanced snack.

Why should people visit Cairo?

Retrieving from last term all we knew about Egypt as a settlement, we thought about why people might visit today. We established that there is lots to see from the ancient pyramids to modern, luxurious hotels to stay in and zoos and museums to visit. We recalled our work on persuasive writing from earlier in the year to begin to create leaflets and posters to persuade people to visit.

To develop throwing, catching and running with the ball, we played a number of games. We began by throwing the ball to one another. Working in groups of four, three of us  passed the ball from one to the other whilst faced with one defender. If we had the ball in our possession we could choose to run with it and try to get past the defender to place our ball on the cones. After working in this way, we then progressed to all moving once the person with the ball had run. This meant that if the defender got too close they could pass the ball to another member of the team.

Poetry Slam 2022

We began our term with the annual poetry slam. We were all tasked to learn the poem 'Mummy' which details the mummification process. Working in groups we learnt the poem by heart, adding actions and props to perform it to an audience. The class then had their own poetry slam, where each performance was marked for the clarity, volume and use of props. After voting, the group with the most votes went into the final held on Friday. We eagerly await the results!

After celebrating the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, at school and home, we can't wait to get started with our final term in Year Four!

What a busy term we have ahead of us! Trips, sports days, transition days and lots of exciting learning mean that you will need to check back regularly to see what we have been up to.



We start our term off with a Poetry Slam in English for our first week back, we can't wait to learn the poem off by heart to perform it. The rest of the term we are writing to inform, linking lots of our writing opportunities to our History learning about Egypt. Writing instructions to mummify a body and debating, 'Should treasures be removed from ancient tombs?'


Guided Reading

This term our whole class text is Why the Whales Came by Michael Morpurgo- we look forward to exploring the text and sharing our reading with you.


Science Are some animals more alike than others?

This term we continue to explore living things and their habitats, classifying plants and animals in different ways. There is lots of opportunity for retrieval as we look at different types of animals, their characteristics and how to classify and group them in different ways. Application of skills from computing last term to create branching databases will also be used.


History- How significant was the finding of Tutankhamun’s tomb?

Focusing on the concept of beliefs, we will explore religious beliefs at the time and their significance in the way ancient Egyptians buried their dead.



How do pilgrimages fulfil religious duty?

How do pilgrimages change the world?


We continue this term to explore pilgrimages for different religions. After looking at their significance, we will also reflect on the impact they have on the environment. We are very excited to be going on our own pilgrimage to Walsingham in June.

photo from last years visit


French- Que voudriez-vous pour le petit-déjeuner?

This term we will continue to ask and answer questions, answer true and false questions and begin to write in French as we explore foods eaten at breakfast. We can't wait to do some taste testing too!