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St Thomas' CE Primary Academy

Term 1

I have been astounded by the attitude in which the children have begun school with, I am sure we are in for an incredible year!


The children have been making themselves familiar with the school environment, they have enjoyed eating together in the hall and playing outside on the playground.


We have been looking at 'Its good to be me!', the children began working on this before they even started school, sharing photos of their favourite teddy bears which are now up on our display, they children have loved seeing their friends special teddy. The children have begun talking about themselves and their families, we have been looking at who lives in our homes and who is in our family. 


We have begun Phonics and the children have shown lots of enthusiasm to learn new sounds each day, you could ask your child which sounds they have learnt so far.



We have been enjoying exploring our EYFS area, the children have shown incredible amounts of curiosity outdoors this week. They have been putting on wellies and splashing, constructing and investigating floating in the stream along with working together with their friends.

The children have been working on getting themselves dressed and undressed for PE and then following instructions in the sports hall. The children have been moving quickly, slowly, reaching high and crouching low along with stopping and finding a safe space. 


The children have begun to look at Harvest following a Collective Worship which sparked their curiosity. The children have been looking at what happens at Harvest time and what this time of year looks like in Boston, we then looked at what we might see in the fields around us.

This interest led us to the story 'The Little Red Hen' the children have loved retelling the story with actions. The children really enjoyed making, baking and importantly tasting the bread- its smelt and tasted delicious!

In Maths the children have been exploring pattern, they have looked at where patterns can be found and how to make a pattern. The children have created repeated patterns using colour, objects around the classroom, objects found outside, 2D shapes and musical patterns.

The children are getting much quicker at getting changed for PE and this week we took the opportunity to explore our outdoor trim trail as well as using our bodies to reach high and low whilst moving around a large area, changing directions when they hear different instructions.