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Term 3

Spring Term Newsletter

Welcome back year 2! We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break with your families. 

This term the children will be focusing on significant individuals who have made an impact on society today. This will include learning about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and identifying the reasons why they were able to make a difference to hospitals and medicine during the 19th century. We will also explore the different challenges they faced and how it was different for each individual. In our RE lessons we will continue to build upon your understanding of Islam and the Quran's teachings. In PE, we will explore the units of Dance and Target games. In our Science learning this term, the children will be identifying different materials and understanding the characteristics and how materials can be used in different ways.




Speeches Week

The children have really enjoyed working together to prepare a speech all about global warming and what is happening to the polar bears. The children worked hard to articulate the problem and how it might be solved.




This week the children are beginning to learn about non-chronological reports. We began by looking at a range of different reports and talking about the different features we could find. After that we have been using the laptops, iPads and books to help us research all about polar bears so that we an use this information in our own reports.



We have begun our learning in History looking at clues all about Florence Nightingale. The children really enjoyed looking at pictures and discussing the historical information they could find. In maths we have been looking at arrays and using these to help us learn how to multiply.



Our science learning has been very practical looking at the properties of different materials. We had to ensure we used the correct vocabulary when talking about a material we were investigating.  We are very excited with out computing learning, today we have been using the Bee-bots to help us learn all about algorithms. We had to programme the Bee-bot using the instructions we had written.





In maths this week we have been learning about division. We have been using lots of practical equipment to help learn how to share and group correctly to work out a division calculation.

We have continued to learn about algorithms in computing, creating our own bee-bot mats and then programming the bee-bot to land on a particular square on our mats. 




In music we have been enjoying ourselves learning how to play the Ocarina correctly. We started by looking at how to hold it correctly and then learnt how to play the notes D, A and B. The children practised moving from one note to another  producing sirens,  birds and cuckoo sounds. They had to ensure they covered the holes completely to ensure that they produced the correct note.