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Term 6

Term 6!


In PE this term, we have Cricket with Mr Melson and Handball with Mr Kirkman. Our first lessons for each of these sports has been amazing! Lots of learning about movement and positioning have been very important. Also, in these first lessons, we have worked hard on many ball skills such as throwing and catching. All important skills to be a good cricketer or during a game of handball!


In English we have been exploring a new myth called 'Romulus and Remus'. We read through the myth and used VIPER questions to develop understanding. We developed this further by using role play to recall the myth step-by-step. We worked in groups to role play using acting, freeze frames and dialogue to bring the myth and characters to life. Great job! 



In Music, we have been developing our ukulele techniques and focusing on playing in unison. Also, we've been introduced to non-musical symbols that we can create a rhythm with. Once we learnt the rhythms we used the ukulele to develop these rhythms further which was great fun! Our musicality is really starting to shine through! 


In PSHE we have been exploring different occupations and jobs. We then discussed what skills and traits are required to do this job successfully. The children were able to match the skills to the job type and what the role might include. Great group work on show!


In History, Y3 were incredibly lucky to receive a special box that had Roman artefacts inside! The children took the time to feel and hold the objects individually and make predictions about what they were and how they were used. Afterwards, they were given a brief description of what each object was and how it was used. So exciting!




In French, we have been practising and rehearsing our key knowledge during our project called 'All About Me'. We have been rehearsing asking our partner:

'Comment t'appelles tu?' (What is your name?)

'Quel age as-tu?' (How old are you?)

'Quelle est la date du ton anniversaire?' (When is your birthday?)

'Quelle est votre couleur preferee?' (What is your favourite colour?)

This has given the confidence to have a simple conversation in French and talk about themselves too! Great work! 


This term in Design & Technology, we are focusing on food and linking this to our knowledge of a healthy, balanced diet. We have researched the famous chef, Jamie Oliver, and seen the positive impact he has had on school dinners in the last decade. We have then started to do our own market research using our school provider Willoughby Foods. We have sourced a selection of their school dinner offer and used our senses (taste, touch, smell) to discuss the content. This included food tasting which is always a very enjoyable time! 


Author: Chrissie Sains! 

We had a special visitor to our classroom this week - the author Chrissie Sains! We have been reading the novel 'An Alien in the Jam Factory' which is written by her. Then, today, she came to our classroom virtually so we could share with her how much we love her book! The children came up with some fantastic questions for her to answer and she was very impressed! We even got a sneak peek at the next book in the series and we're all now very excited to read on!